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Why EasyGo is America’s best folding power chair


EasyGo Mobility

Why Should You Go With Our Folding Power Chair?

When looking into an EasyGo Power Chair, you may ask yourself “Why should I go with an EasyGo Power Chair? What makes their power chair better than the others?”

Well you’re in the right place! EasyGo is the best folding power chair on the market and after reading this, you will know why!

When you need a portable power mobility device, there are really only two options available to you; portable scooters that disassemble to be transported in your vehicle and folding power chairs.

EasyGo is not only better than traditional portable scooters, we can confidently say it is the best folding power chair available in the Continental United States.

Truly Portable

  • Our power chairs are made of the same lightweight, yet stronger, aluminum alloy material that is also used in aircrafts and space shuttles such as the Apollo spacecraft.
  • The lightest model weighs only 45 pounds without the battery. Even with the 5 pound battery, the EasyGo power chair is still lighter than most competitior power chairs.
  • Taking an average of 30 seconds to fold, while only using one hand, the EasyGo is able to come with you anywhere and everywhere.
  • There is no disassembly required to travel. Just fold, lift, load, and go!

A Better Designed Folding Power Chair

Unlike other folding power chairs that fold inward, EasyGo fold backward, making it:

  • Thinner and lighter, the EasyGo Power Chairs can fit in more than just a SUV or van. It can also fit in the trunk of a 4-door car, where most power chairs on the market cannot.
  • Most chairs are low to the ground once they are folded. Not the EasyGo, the EasyGo is taller than our competitors which ensures you don’t need to bend over to maneuver it.
  • Our foldable anti-tipping wheels come standard with all EasyGo chairs, making sure your chair is safe at all times.

Compact Without Sacrificing Comfort

It may be lightweight and compact but EasyGo doesn’t sacrifice your comfort!


  • We have an industry-leading seat to floor hight optimized for comfort. Our seat is taller, 22″ to be exact, making it much easier to get in and out of.
  • Wider armrest pads for that extra comfy feel.
  • All models come equipped with a deluxe Comfort Foam cushion, your cheeks will thank you later!

Compact Batteries that Provide Real Power

Powered by a 24 volt 12 amp lightweight lithium-ion battery pack, that is housed in the frame. These batteries are industry leading because:

  • Drive you up to 15 miles on a full charge.
  • Allow you to drive at 4 miles per hour, meaning your loved ones are now going to have a hard time keeping up with you.
  • Weighs only 5 lb, so it can be easily removed and carried with just one hand.
  • Easily removable batteries give you multiple options to charge. Meaning you can leave your chair in your vehicle and charge your battery inside, or bring your chair in and charge it as one piece. The EasyGo has multiple ways to fit your lifestyle!

Convenient Features That Make Sense

Looking for a smooth ride? Look no further!


  • Our bigger rear wheels made of solid flat free rubber ensure your ride will be nice and smooth!
  • Our Standard model features 10 inch rear wheels, which are 1-4 inches larger than most rear wheels on other standard model power chairs.
  • The Elite model offers 12 inch rear wheels, which are the largest rear wheels on any power chair available.
 Eager to take your EasyGo for a spin?

The EasyGo comes ready to use right out of the box!

easygo mobility


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