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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to change the side where the joystick is mounted?

Yes! When ordering your EasyGo Power Chair, you will have the option to choose Left or Right handed usage therefore it will arrive tailored to your preferred hand. However, you will have the option to switch left or right handed usage anytime you wish.

Is there a way for my caregiver or attendant to drive me from behind the EasyGo Power Chair?

Yes: We offer a Rear Joystick Holder that can be purchased separately and it attaches to the back of your EasyGo so the joystick can be mounted for use from behind your chair. Please click the link below to navigate to learn more about this item.

Do I have to remove the joystick when I am folding and storing my EasyGo and/or when I pack my EasyGo into the Travel Case?

No. Fortunately, the joystick panel is collapsible and folds under the armrest when not in use so there is no need to fully remove the joystick panel.

Does the EasyGo Power Chair have protection against tipping backwards?

Your EasyGo Power Chair comes standard with anti-tipping wheels located between the back tires.

Do I have the option to roll my EasyGo when it is folded and not in use?

Yes you do! When the EasyGo chair is folded, you can hold it by the handle under the seat and tilt it onto the small wheels that allow you to conveniently roll your EasyGo.

Does the EasyGo Power Chair have a manual push feature?

Yes. When the EasyGo Power Chair is turned off, unlock the rear wheels using the levers on each wheel and you will be able to manually push your EasyGo chair.

What is the purpose of the blue meter on my EasyGo joystick panel?

The blue meter is your preferred speed, which can be adjusted to a max speed of 3.7 mph. This can be adjusted using the arrow buttons on the panel.

Is there a horn feature?

Yes. One of the buttons on the joystick panel is the horn button, which alerts people that you are coming through.

Does the EasyGo Power Chair have any safety features for driving at night?

The Easygo does have reflectors on the sides and the back of the chair. However, we recommend that you drive your EasyGo in well lit areas where you can see where you are going and you can be easily seen as well.

Does the EasyGo Power Chair have a seatbelt?

Yes! Your EasyGo comes standard with an adjustable seat strap that also doubles as a strap to secure your chair when it is folded.


(1) 833-709-3499


171 Cooper Ave. Suite 108,
Tonawanda, NY, 14150



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