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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the battery come charged?

Yes! You can test drive your EasyGo Power Chair right out of the box! For best results and to ensure you are getting the full usage out of the lithium ion battery, we recommend fully charging the battery when first receiving your EasyGo.

How far can I drive on a fully charged battery?

Your EasyGo Power Chair can travel up to 15 miles of continuous driving on a fully charged battery. You can keep track of how much charge your battery has left using the battery meter on the joystick panel. 

Why does my battery meter show red even when the battery is fully charged?

The battery meter shows the charge level of the battery by color; green, orange and red. If your meter shows all 3 colors, your battery is well charged. If the meter shows orange and red, you still have sufficient charge on your battery. If only red is showing on your meter, your battery is dying and needs to be charged as soon as possible. If you charge your battery and it is still showing only red, please call us for assistance.

Is the battery removable?

Yes. The battery can be removed from the EasyGo Power Chair when not in use and when it needs to be charged.

What is the lifespan of the battery?

The lifespan of the battery is approximately 3 years.

How long does the battery take to charge?

The battery takes approximately 5-7 hours to fully charge.

What kind of battery does the EasyGo Power Chair use?

The EasyGo Power Chair runs on a single 24V 6aH Lithium Ion battery

Does the battery need to be removed to be charged?

No it does not. There is a charging port located right under the joystick panel that allows you to plug the charger right into the chair and charge the battery without removing it.


(1) 833-709-3499


171 Cooper Ave. Suite 108,
Tonawanda, NY, 14150



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