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Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my EasyGo Power Chair unfold?

To unfold, you should be able to push the cushion tube backwards to ensure the frame is fully closed and then pull the lever under the seat. 

If this doesn’t work, ensure your front wheels are facing forward and not tucked sideways. Once the front wheels are straight, repeat the instructions above.

If your chair is still not unfolding, give us a call and we will troubleshoot with you. 

How much does the EasyGo Power Chair weigh?

The Standard Model weighs approximately 46lbs and the Elite Model weighs approximately 50lbs. This weight DOES NOT include the battery. The battery alone weighs approximately 6lbs.

What material is the EasyGo Power Chair made of?

The frame of the EasyGo Power Chair is made of strong and sturdy Aluminium Alloy.

Is the footrest removable or adjustable?

The footrest can be folded in when not in use, but it is not adjustable or removable.

Are the armrests adjustable?

Yes! The armrests can be adjusted to 4 different levels using the button on the side of each armrest.

What is the difference between the EasyGo Standard and Elite models?

The differences are the weight capacity, wheel size, and overall weight of the chair.
The Standard model weighs 45 lbs. without the battery and 51 lbs. with the battery. It features 10-inch rear driving wheels and holds a max weight capacity of 250 lbs.

The Elite model weighs 50 lbs. without the battery and 56 lbs. with the battery. It features 12-inch rear driving wheels and hold a max weight capacity of 264lbs. In addition, the Elite offers an 18-inch seat.

Is the EasyGo Power Chair waterproof? Can I drive it in the rain?

No, the EasyGo Power Chair is not waterproof.

However, it is water resistant and can be driven in the rain only for a short period of about 15 minutes, as long as the wheels or any electronic components are not submerged.

Am I able to change the side where the joystick is mounted?

Yes! When ordering your EasyGo Power Chair, you will have the option to choose Left or Right handed usage therefore it will arrive tailored to your preferred hand. However, you will have the option to switch left or right handed usage anytime you wish.

Is there a way for my caregiver or attendant to drive me from behind the EasyGo Power Chair?

Yes: We offer a Rear Joystick Holder that can be purchased separately and it attaches to the back of your EasyGo so the joystick can be mounted for use from behind your chair. Please click the link below to navigate to learn more about this item.

Do I have to remove the joystick when I am folding and storing my EasyGo and/or when I pack my EasyGo into the Travel Case?

No. Fortunately, the joystick panel is collapsible and folds under the armrest when not in use so there is no need to fully remove the joystick panel.


(1) 833-709-3499


171 Cooper Ave. Suite 108,
Tonawanda, NY, 14150



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