Retirement brings up a lot of questions. One of the biggest is no surprise; what is the best state to retire in? Typical states such as Texas, California, and Florida are popular due to the warmer climates. In addition to states with warmer climates, retirees also consider access to good healthcare, quality of life and cost of living when choosing where to retire. But, it can be hard to decide which state you should retire in. That’s exactly why we put together a list of the best states to retire in, so keep reading!

1. Florida

The Sunshine State sits at the top of this list, for good reasons. Florida lives up to its “Sunshine State” nickname and is also a hot spot for retirees due to the low cost of living, tax breaks, beaches, retirement communities and healthcare. Since Florida has become one of the top retirement locations, it offers a large selection of retirement communities where retirees can live peacefully among their own demographic and enjoy time with others. Explore some retirement community options in Florida and across the U.S. by reading our Top 12 Retirement Communities in the United States blog. 

Luckily, Florida does not have state income tax and does not tax Social Security benefits or your retirement income. Property taxes are said to be reasonable and there are also no taxes on estates or inheritances. Despite the rainy season that brings intense storms, the weather in Florida makes it easy to enjoy an active lifestyle and social life. Florida averages 230 days of sunshine annually. The subtropical climate makes winters mild, meaning retirees can enjoy being outdoors and at the beach all year round!

Dealing with extreme storms, extreme heat and humidity and insects and wildlife (large cats, various species of reptiles, etc.) seem to be the most common cons of retiring in Florida.

Best States to Retire IN - Florida

2. California

When it comes to warm weather, beaches, and sunshine for retirement, California is another option that tops the list. Similar to Florida, California averages over 200 days of sunshine annually. This makes the climate ideal to be outdoors and enjoy the beauty California has to offer. From national parks and vineyards to shopping, entertainment and ski resorts, California offers a way for any retiree to enjoy themselves. There is no shortage of entertainment with California being home to the world-famous Hollywood. Healthcare is also among the best in the nation and leads to a high quality of life among retirees. California is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Of course, with all its beauty, it’s no secret that living in California can be expensive. The average cost for a home in California is greater than the national average. While healthcare in California is among the best, it can also be expensive. The weather in California can sometimes be a problem as the hot and dry conditions can cause droughts that make areas more susceptible to wildfires. Depending on where you decide to live, traffic, population, and sometimes homelessness, are other common reported cons.

It is also a good idea to consider some of the wildlife that can pose an issue if you retire to California. Some animals such as foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and skunks can be a nuisance. Another thing to consider is certain areas of California are plagued with high crime rates, with crime only increasing in recent years. 

Considering the cons, California is still a top choice for retirement for those who enjoy warm weather, outdoor activities and entertainment and beaches.

California Retirement

3. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a very retirement-friendly state. Retirement income is also tax-exempt in Pennsylvania, which helps keep the cost of living low. Some folks could qualify for property tax rebates as property taxes can be a little high depending on where you decide to live. Despite the cold winters of Pennsylvania, it still offers plenty of things to do outdoors. There are plenty of rivers, forests, golf courses and parks, not to mention the Appalachian Mountains. Sports fans love Pennsylvania due to its major league baseball, football, and hockey teams. History buffs love the history throughout the state, especially Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Congress Hall, the birthplace of the United States. Healthcare in Pennsylvania is among the best in the U.S. leading to a high quality of life among retirees. 

The few notable cons reported by retirees in Pennsylvania include cold winters with snowstorms and heavy traffic along with higher property taxes closer to larger cities and urban areas. Pennsylvania is one of the best states to retire in due to it having very few cons!

Retirement Living in Philadelphia

4. Colorado

Colorado is another hot spot for retirement. This state offers beautiful landscapes complete with mountain ranges to hike, lakes to relax by and sunsets to enjoy. In terms of taxes, Colorado offers one of the best tax breaks for senior citizens across the country, allowing retirees to exclude a certain amount of their retirement income from being taxed. Healthcare in Colorado is a high point for retirees. In recent years, Colorado was ranked within the top 10 states for American Health Care. Colorado has an abundance of retirement communities with some offering fitness centers, space for events and around-the-clock care. If you wish to stay away from the heavier populated areas and larger cities where the cost of living can be high, Colorado offers plenty of rural areas where you can retire and enjoy yourself and your time. 

The most notable cons of retiring to Colorado are the weather, the higher cost of living, and the wildlife. Colorado is cheaper to retire in than California, but it is still among the states with a higher cost of living when compared to the national average. If you are looking to retire to one of the mountain towns in Colorado, the cost of living is even higher. Retiring to Colorado is usually not a problem unless your budget is very tight. Colorado sees many sunny days, but it is also known for its high winds, heavy snow in some regions, damaging hail and wildfires.

Wildlife in Colorado can be a nuisance when dealing with certain rodents and smaller animals. However, Colorado is home to bears, venomous snakes, cougars, wolves, and moose, just to name a few. These larger animals can pose a danger to anyone that is not aware of what to do during an encounter. Make sure you educate yourself if you consider retiring to Colorado.

5. Delaware

Delaware is another retirement-friendly state that many don’t consider. It’s loaded with history, being the first official American state. It also offers beautiful beach towns and beaches where you can soak and have some fun in the sun. When it comes to taxes, Delaware is another tax-friendly state for retirees. Property taxes, depending on where you live, are lower when compared to other states. Some retirees can even qualify for additional tax breaks or exclusions. Pension and 401K are taxed on a federal level, however, there are no taxes on income from social security. Delaware has no sales tax so you can enjoy shopping without having to worry about paying taxes on your purchases.

Social life is another big part of retiring to Delaware. Delaware offers an exciting variety of activities, events and entertainment that will add much-needed fun to anyone’s nightlife. If you’re looking for a more relaxing nightlife, Delaware offers plenty of other options where you can enjoy wine and fine dining from many diverse and culturally rich restaurants. Some are even located right on the seashore. In terms of healthcare, Delaware was previously ranked high for the quality of their hospitals and healthcare overall.

Population, transportation, and crime are the most notable cons of retiring in Delaware. Considering its size, some areas of Delaware can be densely populated and lead to heavy traffic. With a larger population also come higher crime rates, with cities such as Wilmington reporting large numbers of violent crimes in the past. The crime rate is on its way down, but it is still important to note. Public transportation is limited therefore it is recommended that you have a vehicle as you will need it to get around. Even with these cons considered, Delaware remains a retirement-friendly state that many retirees are proud to call home.

Retirement in Delaware

6. Texas

Texas is found on many different lists of the best states to retire in. The Lone Star state is known as one of the friendliest states and one of the most culturally diverse states in the United States. Healthcare in Texas is among the best in the nation with many hospitals in Texas being highly ranked nationally. Retirees can take advantage of certain tax exemptions and enjoy retirement without having to pay state income tax since there is no tax on retirement income and social security.

Depending on where you want to live, Texas has many options whether you are looking for a rural or an urban setting. Regardless of where you choose to live, the warm weather allows you to have an active outdoor and social life. You can even travel to a beach on the gulf or across the border and enjoy some time in Mexico. When compared to other states, the cost of living in Texas is considerably less than the national average, which is a big deal for those on a fixed income. 

Of course, retiring in Texas has its cons. As previously mentioned, the weather can be quite warm, which many enjoy. With that said, Texas is no stranger to extreme weather and averages approximately 140 tornadoes annually. The weather has been called unpredictable with drastic changes which can happen within minutes. Residents of Texas advise newcomers to be aware of the severe thunderstorms, hail and even hurricanes that come off the gulf. On the other hand, the Texas climate is well-known for droughts as well. 

Texas property taxes are among some of the highest in the nation. Taking this into consideration makes it clear why Texas offers a low cost of living and tax exemptions. Traffic is another reported con with heavy congestion in and around major cities, especially the capital. All things considered, Texas remains a retirement-friendly state and a popular choice among retirees.

Retiring in Texas

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Final Words

As you can see, there are a number of fantastic states to retire in. Affordable cost of living, decent weather and climate, accessibility to good healthcare and overall, good quality of life are something every retiree wants and deserves. Retirement should be spent living happily and enjoying yourself and your surroundings. You deserve to live somewhere that is right for you and makes you happy for the rest of your days. Hopefully, this article will help narrow down your list of states to retire in. We hope you find the best place for you and we wish you a happy retirement. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

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