EasyGo Ultra – The Newest Addition to the EasyGo Family

EasyGo Ultra – The Newest Addition to the EasyGo Family

Loss of mobility impacts many individuals around the world. It can be caused by many different diseases and illnesses as well as injuries and birth defects. Many people rely on walkers to help them get around but sometimes, even walking with assistance can be a challenge. Scooters have become the go to mobility aid for many. Scooters, however, are not very portable, with some models weighing over 100 lbs. and unable to be disassembled or folded for traveling and storage.

This is where EasyGo power chairs come into play. EasyGo Mobility offers foldable portable power chairs that are lightweight enough to load into your trunk without a ramp or a lift. They arrive fully assembled within one week and use a lithium-ion battery that can drive up to 15 miles. The Standard and the Elite power chairs are highly praised by customers but there were many people who could not get an EasyGo power chair due to the limited weight capacity of the Standard and Elite. EasyGo needed a power chair that combined the same portability and folding capabilities in a more heavy-duty chair that can hold more weight.


New and Improved EasyGo Ultra


Introducing the New EasyGo Ultra model power chair! The EasyGo Ultra is the new and improved heavy duty power chair from EasyGo Mobility. The EasyGo Ultra offers the same folding capabilities and portability as its predecessors with more adjustability and a higher weight capacity. Join us as we dive into the details and get to know the new EasyGo Ultra power chair.


Weight and Capacity


Before getting to all the new and improved features of the Ultra, the first thing that should be mentioned is the weight of the chair and the updated weight capacity. The EasyGo Ultra offers a reinforced frame and holds a maximum weight of 330 lbs.


More Power


The Ultra also features a second battery slot allowing you to use 2 batteries instead of one. EasyGo Ultra weighs a total of 66 lbs. – 72 lbs. depending on whether you use one or two batteries. EasyGo Ultra comes with one battery.

The Most Adjustability


The EasyGo Ultra offers the most adjustability of any power chair available, starting with the backrest. The bracket located at the top of the backrest can be unscrewed allowing the height of the backrest to be adjusted.


The backrest also reclines slightly by unscrewing a bolt and adjusting to your comfort. When compared to its predecessors, you will notice the castor wheels along the top of the backrest have been removed on the Ultra. The castor wheels were used for trolley mode, which has been updated and will be talked about later. The top of the backrest has been redesigned and lined with a comfortable foam that makes it easier to grip for when the Ultra needs to be manually pushed.


Moving down to the armrests, you will notice the pads are larger. These pads can be adjusted horizontally from underneath allowing for more width between the armrests.


Identical to the Standard and Elite models, the armrests on the Ultra can be lifted out of the way so you can sit at the table or get in and out sideways. Simply push the round metal button on the inside of the armrest and pull the armrest up to adjust to your comfort.


In addition, the armrests are now length and height adjustable, meaning the full armrest construct can be moved up and down as well as back and forth according to the user’s preferences. This can be done by unscrewing the bolt, adjusting to your preference, and screwing it back in to secure your new positioning.



There is a spring bolt located underneath the armrests that also allows you to adjust the length of the armrests and moves them forward. Identical to the Standard and Elites models, the joystick is collapsible.


Larger and Adjustable Footplate


Making our way down to the last adjustable feature, the footplate. The footplate for the Ultra is larger and made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum. It has a grip pad and the loop doubles as a handle when folded and during trolley mode. The footplate is height adjustable. Simply unscrew the bolts and adjust to your comfort before screwing them back in securing your new positioning.


More Storage


The EasyGo Ultra features additional storage. It includes the same seat back pocket as the previous models, a storage basket that is installed under the seat and a small hidden zipper pocket located right under the seat, accessible from the front of the chair.




Upgraded Wheels and Added Suspension


The wheels on the EasyGo Ultra have also been updated. The rear wheels are still 12 inch flat free solid rubber but with a new look. The front wheels now have suspension and measure at 8” x 2”, which are larger than the front wheels used on the Standard and Elite power chairs.



The Anti-Tip wheels have been updated and can now be folded up or down easier than before. When the Ultra is folded, the anti-tipping wheels are used for trolley mode, allowing you to roll the chair behind you. The splash guards have been updated to be larger and the brake lever to unlock the brakes and engage neutral mode remains the same.

Folds and Unfolds in Seconds


Folding and unfolding a power chair has never been easier. The folding mechanisms have been updated to make folding and unfolding faster and easier. When you receive your EasyGo Ultra, it will come fully assembled and folded.


To unfold the EasyGo Ultra, stand the chair up on the anti-tip wheels and find the red lever located to the left of the seat when standing behind the chair. Lift the lever and allow the front of the chair to drop and fully open. Unfold the anti-tipping wheels and that’s it!



Folding the EasyGo Ultra power chair is just as easy and takes the same 2 steps. First, you fold up the anti-tip wheels. Second, find the metal lever located at the back of the chair at the base of the seat. Pull this lever and push the chair onto itself until it locks. The chair can now be stood up and rolled using trolley mode with the footplate serving as the handle.


Built In EasyLoad Vehicle Loading Wheels


The EasyLoad Vehicle Wheels are built into the EasyGo Ultra. They are located underneath the basket and are easily accessible once the chair is folded. Simply pull the spring bolt and pull the wheels into position. Once positioned in front of your vehicle, grip the base of the backrest to lift into your trunk. Use the same motion to collapse the EasyLoad wheels once you pull your chair out of the trunk.

Wide Contour Seating


The EasyGo Ultra has a wide 18” x 18” sling style seat equipped with a high density foam contour cushion for added comfort.


Final Words


EasyGo Mobility offers a 3-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on all electronic and drivetrain components such as the motors, the battery and the joystick. We also offer a 30-day return policy allowing you to return the EasyGo for any reason within 30 days of receiving your chair. No one offers better support after a sale than EasyGo Mobility.

The EasyGo Ultra combines comfort and power with foldable convenience into a heavy-duty portable power chair, perfect for anyone who wants to take back their mobile independence. With new and improved folding among other stand out features, more adjustability, a higher weight capacity and backed by a full warranty and return policy, we are happy to add EasyGo Ultra to the family of EasyGo power chairs. We hope you enjoyed learning about the new EasyGo Ultra. If you or a loved one is in need of a heavy duty yet foldable and portable power chair, please give EasyGo Mobility a call at 1-833-709-3499. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

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