6 Best Lightweight Folding Power Chairs to Use in 2023

6 Best Lightweight Folding Power Chairs to Use in 2023

Choosing the perfect lightweight folding power chair for yourself or your loved one is a tough decision. It can seem overwhelming with the number of options, features, and expensive price tag associated with a lot of folding power chairs on the market. Fortunately, we did all of the hard research putting together this list of the 6 best lightweight folding power chairs that you’ll want to take with you in 2022. Before we dive into the 6 best power chairs, let’s go over what makes a power chair lightweight.

What Makes a Power Chair Lightweight?

Lightweight powered wheelchairs are typically made of aluminum, compared to heavier materials that traditional power chairs are made of. Although the material is lighter, it is still very durable. If properly taken care of, a folding power chair can run for years without issue. The nice thing about lightweight folding power chairs is all of the benefits that they provide for the user.

What are the Benefits of Lightweight Folding Power Chairs?

Folding power chairs are a great option for seniors and those with mild mobility issues including arthritis, muscle weakness, and pain. Regular power chairs are heavy, difficult to load into a vehicle without expensive ramps, and very difficult to get loaded onto a plane. With a folding power chair, they are light enough to be lifted into a vehicle and are small enough in size that they can be taken on a plane. Additionally, they are often a lot more affordable than regular power chairs.

1. EasyGo Elite Model

The EasyGo Elite Model is one of the lightest folding power chairs on the market. The Elite Model has more space than most other chairs on this list. Additionally, it has large wheels that are created with anti-flat materials and can go 15 miles in between charges. Plus, the EasyGo Elite Model ships for free nationwide. When folded, it is smaller than a wheelchair and is airline approved. This makes it perfect to bring on vacations, cruises, and holidays. Best of all, the EasyGo Elite Model folds in less than 2 seconds. This makes it the most hassle-free folding power chair mentioned on this list. The EasyGo Elite Model is on sale for spring, with prices under $2,500. 

2. EasyGo Standard Model

Next up, the EasyGo Standard Model is another affordable, lightweight option for those in the market for a folding power chair. This model is slightly smaller than the EasyGo Elite Model, making it lighter in weight. This chair is perfectly designed for travelling, and can conveniently be folded to fit on airplanes, buses, and cruise ships. The EasyGo Standard Model is currently on sale for under $2,200, making it the most affordable folding power chair on this list.

3. EWheels EW-M45

EWheels EW-M45 is a little heavier than the first two mentioned, weighing 60 pounds including the batteries. Again, their batteries are lithium-powered, meaning most airlines will allow the folding power chair aboard. This chair also can go 15 miles per charge, with prices around $3,700.

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4. Ranger Discovery

The Ranger Discovery Folding Power Chair folds down in 3 seconds to and weighs 50 pounds. Similar to the other chairs mentioned on this list, the tires are made of an anti-flat and anti-tip material to ensure you are safe using the chair. This chair is priced at $2,900.

5. Jazzy Passport

As their name implies, Jazzy Passport is another option for portable mobility. This chair is a minimum of 60 pounds with the standard battery, and gets heavier with different batteries, meaning the chair could be upwards of 70 pounds. This chair is typically around $3,000, depending on the dealer that you find. 

6. Vive Health Power Wheelchair

Finally, we have the Vive Health Power Wheelchair. This chair is moderately priced at $2,500. However, it can only drive for about 6 miles per charge, so it’s best for home use instead of traveling. It is also the heaviest chair, weighing almost 70 pounds. So, it ultimately may not be the best option for everyone.

Which Should You Choose?

Choosing the best folding power chair for your needs is difficult. Regaining mobility with a folding power chair can help improve your range of motion, quality of life, and travel without pain. It’s important to weigh out what features are the most important for you and choose based on those features.

Final Words

As you can see, there are a lot of important decisions that you should consider when choosing the perfect folding power chair. From the list of chairs that we have mentioned above, if you are looking for affordability, lightweight, and features, one of the EasyGo Mobility scooters may be the perfect option for you. If you have any questions about either the EasyGo Elite Model or the Standard Model, do not hesitate to reach out here or give us a call at +1-833-709-3499 and we will be more than happy to help!

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