Retiring or being retired can be a strange time. You go from years of a routine to having free time and fewer responsibilities. Keeping up with retirement blogs can not only keep you entertained, but they can also give you ideas about what to do with your time. We will go through a number of retirement blogs, including financial, travel, and even fun topics, so keep reading.

1. EasyGo Mobility Blog

Hey, that’s us! Our blog is focused on mobility tips, retirement advice, and anything and everything wheelchair related. Our goal is to help educate and bring enjoyment to our readers. Independence is important for people of any age, and we strive to provide information on how you can do just that. With over 15 years of experience in the mobility industry, it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about. If you have any topics that you would like to hear more about, let us know on our live chat! 

2. ElderChicks

The ElderChicks blog offers a safe environment for senior women to read and learn from others’ experiences. ElderChicks offers a mix of educational and opinion pieces. Everything from politics to stamina and everything in between is covered in their blog. In addition, they offer a forum, where people can ask questions and get answers from their community. This can encourage a sense of friendships online. Keep in mind that you don’t want to give out any of your personal information on forums like this, even if they are safe and monitored.

3. The Retirement Wisdom Blog

The Retirement Wisdom Blog, written by Bev Bachel, is a monthly blog that goes over a variety of topics regarding money management, retirement planning, and work. They are more of opinion pieces than facts, but Bachel does a great job at thoroughly explaining thoughts and getting their point across. Bachel offers a lot of great advice for those looking to retire or current retirees who may be a little lost in what to do.

4. Suddenly Senior

Suddenly Senior is an entertaining yet educational blog. This blog has multiple contributors, so the tone is often different. Topics include best of lists, government changes that affect seniors, finances, and advice. They write with humour, so even with more serious topics, they are very entertaining. With this blog, they do have a number of advertised products in the form of ads and within their blog articles, so keep this in mind.

5. Over-Sixty Shades of Gray

Over-Sixty Shades of Gray is a one-stop shop for all of your needs. Whether you are looking for exercises to do, activities in your area, puzzles, or even jokes. One of our favorite things about this blog is its variety of content, which can keep you busy for hours!

Best Retirement Blogs

6. Grandma’s Briefs

As the name of this blog implies, Grandma’s Briefs is an entertaining blog that offers a wide variety of content. Recipes, social events, travelling advice, and even crafting ideas are included in this blog. If you are looking for activities to do with your grandchildren, this blog has a ton of great and affordable ideas to keep them entertained.

7. The 55+ Society 

The 55+ Society, maintained by Del Webb Retirement Communities, is a blog that goes over how you can optimize your life in retirement communities, make your own home senior-friendly, things to do for retirees, and financial advice. This blog is written and maintained by a company instead of individuals, so it is more factual than opinionated. This blog is very well articulated and useful for its readers.

8. Retired and Travelling

I’m sure you can guess what Retired and Travelling talk about! Retired and Travelling discusses local, North American including Canada, and world travelling as a senior. They give tips and tricks on how to stay comfortable navigating crowds, their recommendations on places to eat and stay, and other travelling advice. Travelling when you’re retired can be an amazing experience, and their blog will make it even better.

9. Kiplinger – Retirement

The Kiplinger blog talks about everything financial. Taxes, investing, and more topics are discussed. Additionally, they have a section of their blog that focuses on financial advice for those looking to retire or current retirees. This blog publishes with a company, so again they will have factual instead of opinionated blog articles.

10. Sixty and Me

Sixty and Me is one of our favorite blogs on this list. It offers a wide variety of topics including health, aging, games, social, money, and even mindset. Each and every article on this blog are well researched and articulated. You can tell that the authors really care about what they are talking about. Plus, they include a lot of great images to help get their opinions across. 

Wrap Up

There are a number of great retirement blogs out there, these are just a few of our favorites. Reading retirement blogs and/or subscribing to their email newsletter can be a lot of fun. All while providing you with knowledge on topics that you are passionate about. Whether you are reading a blog to gain wisdom or fun travel ideas, they are a great way to keep you busy.

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