See how EasyGo Wheelchair stands against the Fold & Go Wheelchair.

When mobility starts to become a challenge, power chairs are one the most popular pieces of durable medical equipment available. Power Chairs are starting to become more requested than electric wheelchairs and other mobility products due to their portability, lower cost and convenience. When it comes to convenience in a mobility aid, it does not get any more convenient than a foldable power chair. It can be folded and loaded into a vehicle, usually without a ramp or lift, without being disassembled.

These days, there are many different brands and models of power chairs to choose from so deciding on which one is best for you can be challenging. Luckily, our team here at EasyGo Mobility did some research on the competing foldable power chairs, so you won’t have to!

In this article, you will learn how our EasyGo Power Chairs stand against another competitor: The Fold & Go Power Chair.

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Let’s first take a look at the similarities between what both EasyGo and Fold & Go offers:

  • Foldable design
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Airline-approved chair and battery
  • Can be driven to the plane gate
  • Lithium-ion battery operated
  • Front loading battery
  • The battery can charge in and out of the chair
  • Joystick operated
  • Removable joystick; can mount on the left or right armrest
  • Footplate
  • Can push manually
  • Electromagnetic brakes

Models Available

Fold & Go

Fold & Go offers two models, the Magshock and the Neudol. Since the Magshock is the Fold & Go chair that is most comparable to EasyGo, we will explore the differences between our EasyGo power chairs and the Magshock model power chair. First, here are some quick details about the Neudol Model that Fold & Go offers.

The Neudol is for individuals who are up to 5’ tall with a max weight capacity of 150 lbs. This includes children, teens, small adults and people diagnosed with Dwarfism. It weighs 72 lbs with the batteries installed, making it heavier than the Magshock model. Which is more suited for the average adult. The Neudol has lift capability, which lifts the seat and elevates the user 15 – 20 inches from the ground; this is why the Neudol is heavier. Outside of that, the Neudol has roughly the same specs as the Magshock, give or take a few inches in overall length, width and height.

The Magshock model has a max weight capacity of 400lbs, and weighs 60 lbs with the batteries installed.


EasyGo also offers 2 models, the Standard and the Elite. The Standard Model can hold weights up to 250 lbs, while The Elite Model can hold 264 lbs. The Standard model weighs 50 lbs with the battery installed.

On the other hand, the Elite weighs 55 lbs with the battery installed. This makes it lighter than both models of power chair offered by Fold & Go.

How to Unfold EasyGo Power Chairs
How to Unfold EasyGo Power Chairs

Battery and Battery Power

Fold & Go

Both models of Fold & Go power chairs run on 2 lithium-ion batteries. They weigh 3 lbs each and can travel up to 16 miles on a single charge. Their batteries are front-loading and load to the left and the right of the seat. To remove the battery, you need to press a button on the battery to release it. Then, you need to hold down a button and pull the battery out.


With an EasyGo Power Chair, you will only need one battery. Our single lithium-ion battery will allow your EasyGo to travel up to 15 miles on a single charge. Our battery only weighs 5 lbs, adding less weight to the chair than the pair of Fold & Go batteries. In addition, our battery easily loads and unloads from the front of the chair. Installation is as easy as sliding the battery into the slot under the seat until it clicks. To remove the battery, pull the locking lever under the front of the battery and simply pull it out. This can be done with one hand!

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Chair Materials

Fold & Go

The Fold & Go chair frames are made of magnesium. It is advertised to be as strong as titanium and lighter than aluminum. The fabric used for the seat and backrest cushions is not removable and may need to be scrubbed clean if dirty. Fold & Go uses puncture-proof rubber wheels that are advertised as all-terrain wheels. Puncture-proof rubber wheels can be heavier and offer less rolling resistance and grip than solid flat-free wheels. They are also known to sell for a higher price. Fold & Go also advertises their chairs as being weatherproof. This may sound promising, but even if the chair is completely weatherproof, riding a power chair in inclement weather could still result in harm to the user.


Even though Fold & Go states their magnesium chair frames are lighter than aluminum, both the Standard and Elite models of the EasyGo are made of lightweight aluminum and are lighter than both models offered by Fold & Go. In fact, our heaviest model, The Elite, weighs 55 lbs with the battery installed, which is only a pound heavier than the Magshock without its batteries. EasyGo uses solid flat-free wheels, with similar tread to the all-terrain wheels offered by Fold & Go. EasyGo is water resistant for up to 15 minutes, just in case you get caught in some rain on your way home. Driving a power chair in inclement weather is not recommended as it could result in damages to the chair and harm to the user. In addition, EasyGo Power Chairs come standard with anti-tipping wheels located between the rear wheels. The seat and backrest fabric are removable and washable. This makes keeping up with the cleanliness of your chair a bit easier.

Folding and Unfolding

As mentioned above, both EasyGo and Fold & Go power chairs are foldable. The real question is; how easily can they fold and unfold?


To fold a Magshock, the first thing you have to do is raise the armrests all the way up. If you are traveling, you will need to remove the joystick to avoid damage. This is because it protrudes from the top of the chair when it is folded and standing upright. You will then need to unlock the frame using the frame lock mechanism located behind the seat. Once the frame is unlocked, you will need to grab the top of the backrest and push it down onto the seat. Then, pull the chair upright using the bar located at the front of the seat. 

To unfold the Magshock, they recommend that you grab the top of the backrest and literally jerk the chair so it can unfold before bringing down the armrests. They recommend letting gravity help with folding and unfolding, but having to jerk the chair open does not sound convenient.


EasyGo Power Chairs can be folded in a few easy and short steps. And, there is no need to adjust the armrests or remove the joystick (although you can if you wanted to). The joystick is collapsable and will sit safely away from harm. Not having to remove the joystick from the chair and storing it separately reduces your chances of losing it while travelling. 

To fold the EasyGo, you would first drop the top of the backrest exposing the caster wheels and fold in the anti-tipping wheels. Then, pull the cord behind the seat and pull the chair towards you. This allows it to rest on the casters while the chair folds and automatically locks in place. 

Unfolding is just as fast and easy. Ensure the frame is fully closed and pull on the lever to the left of the battery allowing the chair frame to open. Grab the armrest or backrest and pull the chair open until it clicks into place. Then unfold the anti-tipping wheels, backrest and joystick, if collapsed. That’s all it takes to unfold an EasyGo.

Miscellaneous Details

When you receive a Fold & Go chair, it requires you to install the joystick and comes with a tool kit for “monthly maintenance”. When you receive an EasyGo Power Chair, it comes fully assembled with the joystick already installed according to the user’s preference. And, no monthly maintenance is required! 

In terms of size, both EasyGo and Fold & Go chairs are very similar in dimensions. Except, the Standard Model of EasyGo is about 2 inches shorter when unfolded and sits 2 inches higher off the ground than Fold & Go. The armrests of the EasyGo sit higher at 29.25 inches compared to Fold & Go’s 28 inches. EasyGo also sits the user 2 inches higher than Fold & Go with a ground clearance of 4.5 inches with the footplate in use. In order to take full advantage of Fold & Go’s 5-inch ground clearance, the footplate cannot be in use. This is inconvenient and uncomfortable. EasyGo also offers a tight 28.3-inch turning radius compared to Fold & Go’s 32 inches.

Fold & Go Or EasyGo? Final Words

These are some of the main features that separate EasyGo Power Chairs from the competitors. And, continue to make EasyGo Mobility America’s #1 foldable power chair provider. 

If you are looking for a truly portable and lightweight foldable power chair that offers comfort, reliability and convenience, EasyGo Mobility is the way to go! We hope this article helps with your power chair decision making. 

If you are still not convinced about EasyGo Mobility and our power chairs, click this link to read about how our power chairs stand against a different competitor’s power chairs.

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