A Trip to Maine with EasyGo

A Trip to Maine with EasyGo

EasyGo power chairs have been making their way across America, from Florida to Alaska, helping many people get their mobile independence back. With its lightweight sleek design and folding capabilities, EasyGo power chairs have proven to be one of America’s best foldable power chairs.

One of our customers called us to let us know about how the EasyGo Elite made their most recent vacation to Maine one of the most memorable. They were so satisfied with how the Elite power chair helped them on their trip, they allowed us to share their story with everyone.

Ordering the EasyGo


Paula wanted to take her mother, Beth, with her on vacation to Maine. She was concerned that her mother’s age and mobility problems would make it difficult for them to make the most out of their trip. Paula called EasyGo Mobility and explained that she needed “an electric wheelchair that can be folded and placed in the trunk”. Paula had seen our ad on Facebook but had some questions. She asked about the size of the seat, whether it drives on grass, whether it can be used at the dinner table as well as questions about the battery range and how to fold and unfold.
Within a few minutes, Paula learned that the EasyGo Elite runs on a 24V lithium-ion battery that can be charged 2 ways and drives a range of up to 15 miles. The seat is 18 inches wide, and the Elite can be driven on grass and can also sit comfortably at a table due to the height adjustable armrests and collapsible joystick.

We spoke about how it folds and unfolds, and Paula referenced a few videos on our YouTube page as well as the How-To videos on our website. Paula made her decision and placed an order with us for an Elite power chair with EasyLoad Wheels, to help with loading into the trunk. She received her order in less than a week and was very happy to see that it really did come fully assembled!
When Beth saw her new EasyGo power chair, she was filled with joy knowing her mobility will not prevent them from enjoying their trip to the fullest! When it was time to go, Paula folded the chair, and used the EasyLoad wheels to easily load it into her trunk and then off to Maine they went!

Stop at the Park and Grocery Store


After safely arriving in Maine the next day, they decided to take a walk and explore. The EasyGo Elite proved to be as easy to use and reliable as it drove down the sidewalk with ease, even over some small cracks in the pavement. The 12-inch rear wheels provided a smooth ride and navigated through the grass with ease. They took a short walk through a local park where Beth was able to drive the EasyGo over a sloped wooden bridge with ease and comfort.

After the park, they stopped at a local supermarket for some drinks and snacks. Beth enjoyed how easily the EasyGo Elite was able to turn corners into different aisles. It was about time to head back to the hotel and call it a day, but Beth enjoyed her EasyGo so much, she wanted to drive around a little more before ending her day.

So, they decided to take a stroll down a few roads to explore the area. The lithium-ion battery lasted them the full day and was only halfway drained by the end of their day. They planned on plugging in the chair and having it charge over night. When they got back to their hotel, they did not want to bring the chair out again just to charge. Paula removed the battery from the EasyGo and took it into the room with her to charge and left the power chair in the car. This is something very common among EasyGo customers. EasyGo offers 2 options for charging. You can plug the charger into the port directly under the joystick, or you can remove the battery and plug the charger into the port in the back of the battery. Since the battery is conveniently located and easily removable, many people who mainly use their chairs for outdoor use bring in just their battery to charge instead of the full chair.

Breakfast at Denny’s


The next morning, Beth and Paula went to a local Denny’s to enjoy some breakfast before their trip to a national park. Beth had no problem driving into the restaurant and getting to the table. Once at the table,  Beth utilized the collapsing feature of the joystick to collapse it so she can sit closer without any interference from the joystick. With the collapsible joystick and adjustable armrests, EasyGo Elite is great for sitting at tables. After filling up on breakfast, they made their way back to the car, where Paula easily folded the EasyGo and loaded it into the trunk using the EasyLoad wheels. From there, they took off to Acadia National Park.


Acadia National Park


While Acadia National Park proved to be not very senior friendly, they were still able to drive through and explore as much of the park as possible. Beth found a great spot where she sat to enjoy the view of a beautiful fountain before driving the EasyGo down the road to enjoy the scenery.

They visited a few local gift shops and a local seafood restaurant for dinner before they wrapped up their day and got ready to head back home the next day. Once again, they did not need to bring the full chair in to be charged; they simply removed the battery.

EasyGo – Living up to the name


Beth and Paula found the chair to be very convenient and Paula was very happy that she decided to buy an EasyGo. Paula felt the folding and unfolding was very easy and took only a few seconds. She also felt loading into the car using the EasyLoad Wheels was simple and convenient and loved how easy it was to remove the battery to charge. She said the EasyLoad wheels made the chair feel lighter than 56lbs. Beth loved riding the EasyGo and looks forward to using it as much as possible in her local area. Beth enjoyed how easily the EasyGo handled and felt comfortable and safe. She loved how smooth it drove and found the collapsible joystick to be very useful when sitting at tables. Overall, both Beth and Paula love the EasyGo Elite and Beth is more than happy with her restored mobile independence.

EasyGo power chairs are delivered fully assembled within 3-5 business days after the order is processed. EasyGo Power chairs are available in 3 models; The Standard, The Elite and The Ultra. Shipping is free and all EasyGo power chairs are backed by a full warranty, which can be reviewed at https://www.easygomobility.com/support/warranty/. If you or a loved one is struggling with limited or loss of mobility, please give EasyGo Mobility a call at 1-833-709-3499. We will be more than happy to speak with you about our power chairs and the difference they make for those with limited mobility. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

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