EasyGo Ultra – The Newest Addition to the EasyGo Family

EasyGo Ultra – The Newest Addition to the EasyGo Family

Loss of mobility impacts many individuals around the world. It can be caused by many different diseases and illnesses as well as injuries and birth defects. Many people rely on walkers to help them get around but sometimes, even walking with assistance can be a challenge. Scooters have become the go to mobility aid for many. Scooters, however, are not very portable, with some models weighing over 100 lbs. and unable to be disassembled or folded for traveling and storage.

This is where EasyGo power chairs come into play. EasyGo Mobility offers foldable portable power chairs that are lightweight enough to load into your trunk without a ramp or a lift. They arrive fully assembled within one week and use a lithium-ion battery that can drive up to 15 miles. The Standard and the Elite power chairs are highly praised by customers but there were many people who could not get an EasyGo power chair due to the limited weight capacity of the Standard and Elite. EasyGo needed a power chair that combined the same portability and folding capabilities in a more heavy-duty chair that can hold more weight.


New and Improved EasyGo Ultra


Introducing the New EasyGo Ultra model power chair! The EasyGo Ultra is the new and improved heavy duty power chair from EasyGo Mobility. The EasyGo Ultra offers the same folding capabilities and portability as its predecessors with more adjustability and a higher weight capacity. Join us as we dive into the details and get to know the new EasyGo Ultra power chair.


Weight and Capacity


Before getting to all the new and improved features of the Ultra, the first thing that should be mentioned is the weight of the chair and the updated weight capacity. The EasyGo Ultra offers a reinforced frame and holds a maximum weight of 330 lbs.


More Power


The Ultra also features a second battery slot allowing you to use 2 batteries instead of one. EasyGo Ultra weighs a total of 66 lbs. – 72 lbs. depending on whether you use one or two batteries. EasyGo Ultra comes with one battery.

The Most Adjustability


The EasyGo Ultra offers the most adjustability of any power chair available, starting with the backrest. The bracket located at the top of the backrest can be unscrewed allowing the height of the backrest to be adjusted.


The backrest also reclines slightly by unscrewing a bolt and adjusting to your comfort. When compared to its predecessors, you will notice the castor wheels along the top of the backrest have been removed on the Ultra. The castor wheels were used for trolley mode, which has been updated and will be talked about later. The top of the backrest has been redesigned and lined with a comfortable foam that makes it easier to grip for when the Ultra needs to be manually pushed.


Moving down to the armrests, you will notice the pads are larger. These pads can be adjusted horizontally from underneath allowing for more width between the armrests.


Identical to the Standard and Elite models, the armrests on the Ultra can be lifted out of the way so you can sit at the table or get in and out sideways. Simply push the round metal button on the inside of the armrest and pull the armrest up to adjust to your comfort.


In addition, the armrests are now length and height adjustable, meaning the full armrest construct can be moved up and down as well as back and forth according to the user’s preferences. This can be done by unscrewing the bolt, adjusting to your preference, and screwing it back in to secure your new positioning.



There is a spring bolt located underneath the armrests that also allows you to adjust the length of the armrests and moves them forward. Identical to the Standard and Elites models, the joystick is collapsible.


Larger and Adjustable Footplate


Making our way down to the last adjustable feature, the footplate. The footplate for the Ultra is larger and made of lightweight and sturdy aluminum. It has a grip pad and the loop doubles as a handle when folded and during trolley mode. The footplate is height adjustable. Simply unscrew the bolts and adjust to your comfort before screwing them back in securing your new positioning.


More Storage


The EasyGo Ultra features additional storage. It includes the same seat back pocket as the previous models, a storage basket that is installed under the seat and a small hidden zipper pocket located right under the seat, accessible from the front of the chair.




Upgraded Wheels and Added Suspension


The wheels on the EasyGo Ultra have also been updated. The rear wheels are still 12 inch flat free solid rubber but with a new look. The front wheels now have suspension and measure at 8” x 2”, which are larger than the front wheels used on the Standard and Elite power chairs.



The Anti-Tip wheels have been updated and can now be folded up or down easier than before. When the Ultra is folded, the anti-tipping wheels are used for trolley mode, allowing you to roll the chair behind you. The splash guards have been updated to be larger and the brake lever to unlock the brakes and engage neutral mode remains the same.

Folds and Unfolds in Seconds


Folding and unfolding a power chair has never been easier. The folding mechanisms have been updated to make folding and unfolding faster and easier. When you receive your EasyGo Ultra, it will come fully assembled and folded.


To unfold the EasyGo Ultra, stand the chair up on the anti-tip wheels and find the red lever located to the left of the seat when standing behind the chair. Lift the lever and allow the front of the chair to drop and fully open. Unfold the anti-tipping wheels and that’s it!



Folding the EasyGo Ultra power chair is just as easy and takes the same 2 steps. First, you fold up the anti-tip wheels. Second, find the metal lever located at the back of the chair at the base of the seat. Pull this lever and push the chair onto itself until it locks. The chair can now be stood up and rolled using trolley mode with the footplate serving as the handle.


Built In EasyLoad Vehicle Loading Wheels


The EasyLoad Vehicle Wheels are built into the EasyGo Ultra. They are located underneath the basket and are easily accessible once the chair is folded. Simply pull the spring bolt and pull the wheels into position. Once positioned in front of your vehicle, grip the base of the backrest to lift into your trunk. Use the same motion to collapse the EasyLoad wheels once you pull your chair out of the trunk.

Wide Contour Seating


The EasyGo Ultra has a wide 18” x 18” sling style seat equipped with a high density foam contour cushion for added comfort.


Final Words


EasyGo Mobility offers a 3-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on all electronic and drivetrain components such as the motors, the battery and the joystick. We also offer a 30-day return policy allowing you to return the EasyGo for any reason within 30 days of receiving your chair. No one offers better support after a sale than EasyGo Mobility.

The EasyGo Ultra combines comfort and power with foldable convenience into a heavy-duty portable power chair, perfect for anyone who wants to take back their mobile independence. With new and improved folding among other stand out features, more adjustability, a higher weight capacity and backed by a full warranty and return policy, we are happy to add EasyGo Ultra to the family of EasyGo power chairs. We hope you enjoyed learning about the new EasyGo Ultra. If you or a loved one is in need of a heavy duty yet foldable and portable power chair, please give EasyGo Mobility a call at 1-833-709-3499. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

A Trip to Maine with EasyGo

A Trip to Maine with EasyGo

EasyGo power chairs have been making their way across America, from Florida to Alaska, helping many people get their mobile independence back. With its lightweight sleek design and folding capabilities, EasyGo power chairs have proven to be one of America’s best foldable power chairs.

One of our customers called us to let us know about how the EasyGo Elite made their most recent vacation to Maine one of the most memorable. They were so satisfied with how the Elite power chair helped them on their trip, they allowed us to share their story with everyone.

Ordering the EasyGo


Paula wanted to take her mother, Beth, with her on vacation to Maine. She was concerned that her mother’s age and mobility problems would make it difficult for them to make the most out of their trip. Paula called EasyGo Mobility and explained that she needed “an electric wheelchair that can be folded and placed in the trunk”. Paula had seen our ad on Facebook but had some questions. She asked about the size of the seat, whether it drives on grass, whether it can be used at the dinner table as well as questions about the battery range and how to fold and unfold.
Within a few minutes, Paula learned that the EasyGo Elite runs on a 24V lithium-ion battery that can be charged 2 ways and drives a range of up to 15 miles. The seat is 18 inches wide, and the Elite can be driven on grass and can also sit comfortably at a table due to the height adjustable armrests and collapsible joystick.

We spoke about how it folds and unfolds, and Paula referenced a few videos on our YouTube page as well as the How-To videos on our website. Paula made her decision and placed an order with us for an Elite power chair with EasyLoad Wheels, to help with loading into the trunk. She received her order in less than a week and was very happy to see that it really did come fully assembled!
When Beth saw her new EasyGo power chair, she was filled with joy knowing her mobility will not prevent them from enjoying their trip to the fullest! When it was time to go, Paula folded the chair, and used the EasyLoad wheels to easily load it into her trunk and then off to Maine they went!

Stop at the Park and Grocery Store


After safely arriving in Maine the next day, they decided to take a walk and explore. The EasyGo Elite proved to be as easy to use and reliable as it drove down the sidewalk with ease, even over some small cracks in the pavement. The 12-inch rear wheels provided a smooth ride and navigated through the grass with ease. They took a short walk through a local park where Beth was able to drive the EasyGo over a sloped wooden bridge with ease and comfort.

After the park, they stopped at a local supermarket for some drinks and snacks. Beth enjoyed how easily the EasyGo Elite was able to turn corners into different aisles. It was about time to head back to the hotel and call it a day, but Beth enjoyed her EasyGo so much, she wanted to drive around a little more before ending her day.

So, they decided to take a stroll down a few roads to explore the area. The lithium-ion battery lasted them the full day and was only halfway drained by the end of their day. They planned on plugging in the chair and having it charge over night. When they got back to their hotel, they did not want to bring the chair out again just to charge. Paula removed the battery from the EasyGo and took it into the room with her to charge and left the power chair in the car. This is something very common among EasyGo customers. EasyGo offers 2 options for charging. You can plug the charger into the port directly under the joystick, or you can remove the battery and plug the charger into the port in the back of the battery. Since the battery is conveniently located and easily removable, many people who mainly use their chairs for outdoor use bring in just their battery to charge instead of the full chair.

Breakfast at Denny’s


The next morning, Beth and Paula went to a local Denny’s to enjoy some breakfast before their trip to a national park. Beth had no problem driving into the restaurant and getting to the table. Once at the table,  Beth utilized the collapsing feature of the joystick to collapse it so she can sit closer without any interference from the joystick. With the collapsible joystick and adjustable armrests, EasyGo Elite is great for sitting at tables. After filling up on breakfast, they made their way back to the car, where Paula easily folded the EasyGo and loaded it into the trunk using the EasyLoad wheels. From there, they took off to Acadia National Park.


Acadia National Park


While Acadia National Park proved to be not very senior friendly, they were still able to drive through and explore as much of the park as possible. Beth found a great spot where she sat to enjoy the view of a beautiful fountain before driving the EasyGo down the road to enjoy the scenery.

They visited a few local gift shops and a local seafood restaurant for dinner before they wrapped up their day and got ready to head back home the next day. Once again, they did not need to bring the full chair in to be charged; they simply removed the battery.

EasyGo – Living up to the name


Beth and Paula found the chair to be very convenient and Paula was very happy that she decided to buy an EasyGo. Paula felt the folding and unfolding was very easy and took only a few seconds. She also felt loading into the car using the EasyLoad Wheels was simple and convenient and loved how easy it was to remove the battery to charge. She said the EasyLoad wheels made the chair feel lighter than 56lbs. Beth loved riding the EasyGo and looks forward to using it as much as possible in her local area. Beth enjoyed how easily the EasyGo handled and felt comfortable and safe. She loved how smooth it drove and found the collapsible joystick to be very useful when sitting at tables. Overall, both Beth and Paula love the EasyGo Elite and Beth is more than happy with her restored mobile independence.

EasyGo power chairs are delivered fully assembled within 3-5 business days after the order is processed. EasyGo Power chairs are available in 3 models; The Standard, The Elite and The Ultra. Shipping is free and all EasyGo power chairs are backed by a full warranty, which can be reviewed at https://www.easygomobility.com/support/warranty/. If you or a loved one is struggling with limited or loss of mobility, please give EasyGo Mobility a call at 1-833-709-3499. We will be more than happy to speak with you about our power chairs and the difference they make for those with limited mobility. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

What are the Types of Wheelchairs?

What are the Types of Wheelchairs?

When you think about types of wheelchairs, you usually think about classic manual push wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs such as the famous Hoveround. You might not think about the other varieties of wheelchairs available that have different functions. It comes to mind when you or a loved one needs a wheelchair, making your decision on which to purchase more difficult. Believe it or not, in the world of mobility aids, wheelchairs have a large footprint. With advancements in modern medical science, it’s only a matter of time before we see a powered aquatic wheelchair. In the meantime, let’s take some time to explore the different types of wheelchairs available today. 


Manual wheelchairs are the basic and most commonly seen wheelchairs. They usually fold in from the sides and the back wheels are larger than the front wheels. They have handles at the top of the backrest for maneuvering the chair around. They also contain handrails on the rims of the rear wheels for user maneuvering. A manual brake is used to lock the back wheels of the wheelchair. Some models have a foot switch that activates a brake from underneath the chair. Manual wheelchairs usually weigh between 15-60 lbs. and can cost as low as $100. Depending on the make and model of the wheelchair, the weight capacity can vary and hold at least 200 lbs. Bariatric wheelchairs are available and hold a much higher weight limit, with some models able to hold over 600 lbs. The seats and armrests are usually made of vinyl or nylon material. Manual wheelchairs serve as the template on which other wheelchairs are based.

Types of Wheelchairs - Manual Wheelchair


Electric wheelchairs, also called power chairs and power wheelchairs, are becoming increasingly popular. When compared to manual wheelchairs, they offer improved comfort and convenience. Due to their electric components, electric wheelchairs do tend to weigh more than manual wheelchairs making them harder to transport without a van or a lift. Luckily, some brands of electric wheelchairs are foldable and lightweight, making them portable and ideal for traveling. Electric wheelchairs are more expensive, but a good lightweight electric power chair can be found for around $2,000.00. Similar to manual wheelchairs, electric models have one set of wheels larger than the others. Depending on the model, the front wheels may be larger than the rear wheels instead of the common opposite. Electric wheelchairs are battery-operated and maneuvered using a joystick mounted to the armrest of the users choosing. Batteries can usually be charged by plugging the charger directly into the battery or into the joystick. Electric wheelchairs also have a manual ouch feature that allows you to disengage the brakes when the chair is off and push it manually.

EasyGo Electric Wheelchair


Thanks to advancements in medical science and technology, standing wheelchairs are becoming more accessible to those who need them. Standing wheelchairs are perfect for those who suffer from limited mobility functions due to cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and various head and spinal ailments. They usually use hydraulic lifting mechanisms to raise the chair into a standing position. Standing wheelchairs have all the necessary harnesses and seatbelts needed to hold the user in place when in a standing position. They can be manually operated with some models equipped with a manual mechanism used to manually raise the chair to a standing position. Some manual standing wheelchairs can be on the lighter side, as little as 100 lbs. Other models that use hydraulic and electric systems tend to be heavier and can weigh at least 200 lbs. Similar to other wheelchairs, the choice of manual or electric has a big impact on the price. Standing wheelchairs vary in price, but generally, they start around $10,000.00. It may seem pricey, but it is well worth it for anyone who needs a standing wheelchair to meet their mobility needs.

Wheelchair Types - Standing Wheelchair


Reclining wheelchairs are worth mentioning as they are requested quite a bit. After all, if you need to rely on a wheelchair for mobility, it would be nice to have a reclining feature. Reclining wheelchairs are ideal for those who rely heavily on their wheelchairs for mobility. Sitting for long periods of time can put strain and pressure on your buttocks, hips, lower back, and tailbone which can affect your legs and upper back as well. Reclining wheelchairs allow the rider to recline and take pressure and weight off their hips and buttocks allowing them to relax and stretch. These wheelchairs are used more by the geriatric community who have to sit in their wheelchairs for long periods of time. Reclining wheelchairs are not to be confused with tilting wheelchairs; tilting wheelchairs tilt back but do not change your body posture. Since most reclining wheelchairs are not electric, they can be found for relatively cheap with some models priced as low as $300.00. Depending on the model, reclining wheelchairs can fold and can be as light as 40 lbs. with weight limits of up to 400 lbs.

Tilt Wheelchair


Bariatric wheelchairs are made for those who suffer from obesity or conditions that make weight loss a challenge. They have wider seats and can support up to and sometimes exceed a weight of 700 lbs. Most manual bariatric wheelchairs you will find are foldable and operate no different than a standard manual wheelchair. They are considered heavy duty making them able to accommodate users of almost any size. This type of wheelchair typically has fewer options than other types. There are some bariatric power chairs available but they are not ideal for traveling and may not fit in a car, even if disassembled. If someone exceeds the weight capacity of a heavy-duty electric wheelchair but they need a powered mobility aid, a scooter may be a good option. Scooters can support higher weight capacities and provide the same type of powered mobility you would get in an electric wheelchair but in a bigger package. Sometimes, scooters need to be transported on a lift or in a van due to their weight and design and are not ideal for flying.

Bariatric Wheelchair


Athletic wheelchairs are made specifically for handicapped athletes to take part in wheelchair sports. Wheelchair sports include basketball, softball, hockey, tennis, and soccer among many others. Athletic wheels are manually driven and are constructed differently than normal manual wheelchairs. Athletic wheelchairs have rear wheels angled differently to allow for more stability. Depending on the sport, these wheelchairs may have different parts to offer different types of protection and support for different sports. The front wheels on athletic wheelchairs are usually smaller for better agility. While not identified as an athletic wheelchair, specially made hand bikes, or handcycles, are another form of mobility aid for anyone who wants to take part in an active lifestyle. Hand bikes are driven by hand and are great for bike riding and racing. They offer speed and stability allowing the user to even go off-road. Since they are used for sports, athletic wheelchairs are usually lighter in weight and can usually be easily folded. There are many options for reliable athletic wheelchairs and you can find them starting at around $1,000.00.

Athletic Wheelchair

EasyGo Power Chairs

EasyGo power chairs offer lightweight and portable mobile freedom in a foldable and travel-friendly design. They weigh between 51-56 lbs. and fold in less than 30 seconds. EasyGo folds to the size of a small suitcase and can easily be loaded into the trunk of just about any vehicle. Depending on the model, they hold a max weight between 250-264 lbs. These battery-operated and joystick-controlled power chairs operate on lithium-ion batteries that are FAA approved and can go on the plane with you. When fully charged, EasyGo power chairs can drive up to 15 miles at 3.7 MPH. If you are looking for powered mobility that is foldable and truly portable, look no further than EasyGo Mobility.


With such a large variety of wheelchairs available, it is good to know the differences when the time comes to make your purchase. Knowing the difference in function per wheelchair is important. You want to make sure the wheelchair being purchased fits the user’s needs and supports the functions of the user. We hope this article helps you on your journey to purchasing the right wheelchair. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

Power Chair vs Mobility Scooter: Which is Better?

Power Chair vs Mobility Scooter: Which is Better?

When you are on the search for a mobility aid, you might ask yourself, “Should I get a power chair or mobility scooter?”. Here at EasyGo Mobility, it is one of the most common questions that our clients ask us. The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Power chairs, also known as electric wheelchairs, and mobility scooters can be very similar. But, they also have many differences as well. In this article, we will dive into the similarities and differences between power chairs and mobility scooters.


Power chairs and mobility scooters are both mobility aids that are battery-operated. They drive on at least three wheels that can be different sizes. Both power chairs and mobility scooters help give mobile independence back to their users. This allows their user to get back out into the world and enjoy life. Depending on the power chair or mobility scooter, they can be portable and suitable to use indoors and outdoors. Power chairs such as the EasyGo Power Chairs and scooters such as the Shoprider Echo Folding Scooter can be folded for easy storage and loading making them portable and ideal for traveling.


While there are some similarities in portability between power chairs and mobility scooters, the differences in portability are what really sets them apart. You can find portable scooters that are foldable and ideal for traveling. However, the weight capacity of portable scooters tends to be on the lower side. Many people looking to buy a scooter are looking for one with a higher weight capacity. To support a higher weight capacity, a scooter must be either full-size or heavy-duty. This makes these types of scooters not as portable since they are bigger and heavier. Some full-size or heavy-duty scooters can be disassembled for traveling, but that is not always convenient or ideal. Plus, they can get pretty heavy and expensive.

If you are looking for a truly portable mobility aid, a power chair is your best option. While there are some power chairs that are heavy and use large seats and require disassembly for transport, there are also many lightweight, portable, foldable power chairs available. Some folding power chairs can hold up to 300 pounds and fold within just a few seconds. They can be light enough to lift and store in your vehicle. Lightweight foldable power chairs may be FAA-approved so they can be taken on a plane with you.

Elite Model Wheelchair


If you’re going to be using a mobility aid to get around, you want to make sure you’re comfortable. Both scooters and power chairs offer a variety of different sizes and styles of seats. Some seats offer the option to adjust the armrests, the seat height, and the backrest for additional comfort and support. It is also important to have sufficient space between the armrests and from the seat to the footplate/footrest. Some scooters and power chairs come with headrests for additional comfort. 


While generally close in price, scooters tend to be more expensive than most power chairs. This makes sense when you consider a few facts. Scooters are bigger and heavier and use large batteries. They have more features such as headlights and mirrors which add to the total cost of the scooter. Some scooters can be found for under $2,500.00. But, if you want a full-size or heavy-duty scooter that has a higher weight capacity and more features, it will probably cost over $2,500.00. On the other hand, while you may be able to find power chairs that are over $2,500.00, you can usually find a good power chair for under $2,500.00. Foldable and portable power chairs are usually around that amount and offer the mobility most people need. Some companies offer financing that splits your total payment into monthly payments which help make mobility aids more affordable.

Mobility Equipment


You want your scooter or power chair to be convenient overall. Both power chairs and scooters are convenient in their own way. While power chairs can be used outdoors, they tend to be more convenient to use indoors as they are usually smaller all around and provide the same ease of mobility as a scooter. Scooters can also be used indoors, but they can be big making maneuvering indoors difficult sometimes. Outdoors however scooters perform very well and usually have a longer driving range than power chairs. Due to their durability, they can go over obstacles a bit easier than power chairs. Both are convenient to turn on using a key, a button, or a switch. In terms of portability, foldable power chairs are more convenient. As mentioned previously, foldable power chairs are lightweight and can be loaded in your trunk. While foldable scooters are available and share that feature, others need to be disassembled to transport. Some scooters need to be transported on vans or lifts.

EasyGo Power Chairs

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, comfortable, foldable power chair, EasyGo power chairs will give you what you need. EasyGo power chairs are battery-operated, joystick-driven, foldable, and lightweight power chairs that fold in a few seconds and can be loaded in your trunk. Enjoy a comfortable ride on 10 or 12-inch wheels while driving a total distance of 15 miles at a comfortable 3.7 MPH. When it comes to comfort, portability, and convenience, EasyGo is the way to go. Call 1-833-709-3499 to learn about any promotions and learn more about one of America’s lightest and most affordable power chairs.


So which is better; a power chair or mobility scooter? The answer comes down to personal preference and personal needs. If you need something that is heavy-duty and will take you everywhere you need to go outdoors, a mobility scooter may be the way to go. If you need something more convenient and don’t need something with a high weight capacity that is ideal for indoors and outdoors, a power chair is a very considerable choice. We hope this article helps you better outweigh your options. Thank you for choosing EasyGo.

How to Clean Your Wheelchair

How to Clean Your Wheelchair

Upkeep of your electric wheelchair or power chair is very important. And, it’s a key to keeping it in good condition. We all know that maintenance such as tightening the screws and bolts if they start to loosen up as well as applying grease/oil to any moving parts that may need to stay lubricated is essential.

But, a big part of upkeep that gets overlooked is cleaning your wheelchair. Believe it or not, your power chair needs to be cleaned regularly. Keeping your power chair clean can help extend the life of the chair and its components. And, it also keeps it looking nice and presentable. Especially if you’re taking it outdoors. Here are a few important tips and tricks so you can learn how to clean your wheelchair.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please make sure your electric wheelchair/power chair is OFF before any cleaning takes place. It may be best to turn off the chair and fully remove the battery prior to cleaning to avoid potential electric shock, unintended movement of the chair, and damage to the electrical components of the chair. 

The Chair Itself – Cushions, Backrest, and Armrests

Similar to the seat cushions of your car or couch, your seat cushion and backrest should be cleaned regularly. This can prevent odor and will keep the cushion fresh and clean. It also can prevent dirt and bacteria from building up that can slowly eat away at the material. And, even wear down the fabric faster. Some cushions have a removable cover that you can throw into your washing machine. 

For models that don’t allow that, you’ll have to wipe it or scrub it clean with a damp cloth or per the care instructions that came with your power chair. Some power chairs that use rubber or vinyl seats must be cleaned using a damp cloth. Since the cushions are not machine washable, it is usually best to spray the cushion with some sort of scented fabric spray that fights off odors. And keeps the cushion smelling good. With that said, it is not recommended to spray a scented fabric spray on vinyl and rubber seats as the ingredients may cause damage to the material. The armrests are usually able to be wiped clean using a damp cloth.

Wheelchair Cushion


Keeping the wheels clean is simple. Since the wheels on power chairs can get wet, you can clean them with warm water and light detergent. Like light dish soap, like Dawn. You can also clean the wheels with wipes that you would use to clean the surfaces in your car’s interior. With that said, be mindful of the ingredients in the cleaning products you use as some ingredients may be too harsh for certain materials. Some people prefer to wipe down their wheels with a damp cloth and nothing more. 

You can scrub the thread of the wheels with a soft or medium bristle brush. Like a household cleaning brush, a toothbrush, or even a paintbrush depending on how stiff the bristles are. Since wheels for power chairs are either flat-free rubber or pneumatic air-filled tires, we do not recommend using anything with metal bristles. Using metal bristles on solid rubber tires can cause scratches and damage to the wheels. Using metal bristles on pneumatic tires can puncture the wheel, which will cause it to go flat. If you plan to drive your chair right after cleaning your wheelchair wheels, we highly recommend ensuring the wheels are dry to prevent any sort of slipping. Use extreme caution when washing the wheels that are attached to the motor as the motor cannot get wet. We’ll talk more about motors later.


The frame of power chairs is easy to clean considering they are usually made of some kind of metal. Power chair frames are usually made of aluminum or magnesium or another type of metal. You should be able to simply wipe the frame clean with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. It is also recommended to dry the frame using a dry towel or cloth after cleaning it to prevent any discoloration. Or, in some cases, rust. Similar to the rest of the chair, try to avoid using any harsh chemicals when cleaning your wheelchair frame, as harsh chemicals can strip the finish off of the frame. If there is anything stuck to the frame that needs to be scrubbed off, such as mud, it is recommended to use a soft-bristled brush with light dish soap and warm water. Again, do not use any sort of metal bristles or strong harsh cleaners to scrub the frame as it will result in damage.

Elite Model Wheelchair

Controls / Joystick and Motor

Joysticks are easy to clean. You can usually just wipe them down. However, joysticks and the control panels are usually made with or covered in a soft rubber material that can be damaged by harsh chemicals. Joysticks and control panels should never be washed in water. This is because of the electrical components of the power chair. Therefore, it should never get soaked or submerged. The charging port, which is sometimes located on the joystick, will be damaged if it gets wet. And, this will prevent the chair from charging with that port. Keep all water away from the charging port or keep the rubber cover on it. If the charging port needs to be cleaned, compressed air is the best thing to use. 

The motor is one of the most important parts of any electric wheelchair or power chair. Because of this, it should be cleaned with extreme caution. Make sure no part of the motor gets wet. Otherwise, the chair will no longer work. Use extreme caution when you clean the wheels attached to the motors. Ensure no water gets in them. The easiest and best way to clean any debris from the inside of the motor is to spray it with compressed air. If there is too much debris within the motor to properly clean it, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer or company from which you purchased your power chair for further guidance.

Cleaning your EasyGo

EasyGo power chairs are among the easiest power chairs to clean. The joystick is removable and you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth. The charging port located at the bottom of the joystick has a rubber cap that you can use when the chair is not charging. Especially when you are cleaning the joystick. If there is any debris in the charging port, use compressed air to clean it out. The frame of the EasyGo power chair can be wiped clean using a damp cloth and should be wiped dry to avoid water stains or discoloration. Wheels should be wiped clean or scrubbed using a small cleaning brush with warm water and light dish soap. If the rear wheels require scrubbing with water and soap, ensure the motor does not get wet or cover the motors to prevent any water from getting in. EasyGo power chairs also have a removable seat and backrest cover that are machine washable. The cover for the seat cushion can be removed from the cushion and is also machine washable. Because of this, EasyGo power chairs are very simple to keep clean and in good shape!


Electric wheelchairs are a big investment so you want to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Keeping your wheelchair clean is just as important as all other maintenance. It will help extend the life of your chair and its components and will keep your chair looking good. It will also help with the performance of your chair. We hope these tips help you clean your wheelchair. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

EasyGo vs Hoveround: Who Has the Superior Wheelchair?

EasyGo vs Hoveround: Who Has the Superior Wheelchair?

Mobility solution companies are everywhere. There are many companies out there offering mobility solutions that include stair lifts and bathroom aids. What if your problem is getting around and you just need a good power chair? Power chairs, often referred to as electric or powered wheelchairs, have become a hot commodity over the last 30 years. One company that is well-known companies is Hoveround.

Hoveround offers power chairs, along with other mobility devices. While EasyGo Mobility offers a unique type of power chair that can fold in half. EasyGo customers have found that EasyGo power chairs are much more convenient to use and more practical than those sold by Hoveround. Let’s take a dive into the many ways Hoveround and EasyGo are similar, and different, and which one offers the most for their users.

How Are They Alike?

EasyGo power chairs and Hoveround power chairs are both joystick-controlled battery-operated power chairs. Power chairs offered by both companies are known for their tight turning radius. This makes both of them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They both offer cushioned seats and cushioned armrests with wide foot plates. Both EasyGo and Hoveround offer a manual brake release allowing the power chairs to be pushed manually. Despite both being considered power chairs and having a few similarities, Hoveround and EasyGo are different in many ways.


Hoveround has been a household name for almost 30 years. When you hear the name, it brings us back to the commercial showing two Hoveround users sitting in their chairs answering the narrator’s question, “Which power wheelchair got you to the Grand Canyon?”. They answer back “Hoveround!”.

Hoveround Electric Wheelchair

Hoveround Features

Hoveround offers 5 models of power chairs. Each power chair they offer holds a max weight of at least 300 lbs. In exchange for a higher weight capacity, each Hoveround chair weighs well over 150 lbs. This makes it less practical for travelling. Some models of Hoveround do fold but require some disassembly first. Depending on the model, the seat may be removable from its base, or it may fold down. Hoveround batteries tend to be on the larger and heavier side. And, offer up to a 15-mile driving range on a single charge, depending on the model.

Hoveround power chairs are front-wheel drive. This helps pull the chair over obstacles but sit low and does not offer much ground clearance. The driving wheels of Hoveround are pneumatic which can offer a smooth ride. However, pneumatic wheels can puncture and go flat. Hoveround power chairs can go on a plane but due to their size and weight, they would need to be checked in and stored with the cargo on the plane. 

Overall, while Hoveround power chairs offer a high weight capacity, thickly cushioned seats, and easy maneuverability, they are not very ideal for transport and travel. They can be heavy to lift, they do not offer much of a folding function, and can sometimes need to be disassembled to be transported. Not to mention that Hoverounds cost $3,000 to $5,000 on average.


EasyGo Mobility offers 2 models of power chairs, the Standard and the Elite. Both chairs operate using a joystick that is mounted on the armrest of the rider’s choice. The joystick is collapsible and is interchangeable between armrests. Both chairs are also foldable and do not need to be disassembled to fold or load into your vehicle. Simply fold in the anti-tipping wheels, fold down the backrest, pull the cord and pull the chair towards you to fold and lock. To unlock is just as easy; locate and pull the red and black lever to the left of the battery and open your chair until it clicks. Unfold your backrest and anti-tipping wheels and you’re all set to go!

EasyGo Folding Power Chair

EasyGo Features

EasyGo power chairs are among the lightest power chairs available in the U.S. The Standard power chair weighs 51 lbs. including the battery. The Elite power chair weighs 56 lbs. including the battery. When it comes to the weight capacity for EasyGo power chairs, the Standard holds a max weight of 250 lbs. while the Elite holds a max weight of 264 lbs. Both chairs can be folded and unfolded in less than 30 seconds. The lithium-ion battery of the EasyGo power chairs weighs only 6 lbs. and can be charged directly through the port in the back of the battery or through the port under the joystick. Just like the Hoveround, EasyGo batteries can also drive up to 15 miles on a single charge. Since the Standard and Elite power chairs use the same battery, the 15-mile driving range applies to both chairs. In addition, the battery is easily accessible under the seat at the front of the chair and can be quickly and easily removed and reinstalled in a matter of seconds. 

The wheels used by both models of EasyGo power chairs are solid flat-free wheels. They offer a smooth ride without the risk of a punctured or flat wheel. The Standard power chair drives on 10-inch rear driving wheels while the Elite sits a bit higher with 12-inch rear driving wheels. Both EasyGo chairs come standard with foldable anti-tipping wheels and a zipper storage pouch on the back of the seat. EasyGo power chairs are FAA and TSA approved and can be driven through the airport to your plane before being folded and stored at the front of the plane. This makes EasyGo power chairs ideal for travelling. EasyGo power chairs come fully assembled and require no additional assembly when received.


Both EasyGo and Hoveround offer great mobility solutions that will help give you your mobile independence back. When you consider the big differences between what each company has to offer, it makes choosing between them a bit easier depending on what you are looking for. Hoveround power chairs support a higher weight capacity than EasyGo. It is also a much heavier chair that makes transport difficult presenting a challenge when you want to be mobile outside of the house. EasyGo comes in a smaller package and does everything Hoveround can do with the addition of folding and unfolding for easy transport. They weigh significantly less making them easier to take wherever you want to go. If you want to gain back your mobility and the mobile independence to be able to go where you want to go without hassle, EasyGo is the way to go. Thank you for choosing EasyGo.

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