Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes after you click checkout and submit your order for an EasyGo Power Chair? Well, we’re going to tell you! Let us put your mind at ease so you are confident in knowing that you are doing business with an honest and trusted company.

At EasyGo Mobility, we are dedicated to providing high-quality power chairs to our customers. So, we take all the extra steps to make sure we live up to that.

Order Processing and Preparation

After we receive and process your order, typically within 1 business day, your paid invoice is sent to our warehouse. This is where our team prepares your power chair. Once your order has been fully processed and your power chair has been thoroughly inspected, we schedule your EasyGo power chair to be picked up, shipped, and delivered to you.

Your invoice is reviewed by our warehouse team to find out which model of power chair you ordered. In addition to what side your joystick is to be mounted on, and whether any accessories were ordered so we can install them or include them with your power chair. 

Once these details are collected, the pre-delivery inspection begins. During our pre-delivery inspection, we inspect every part of the power chair to make sure everything works as expected and to ensure nothing is faulty or damaged.

The Inspection Begins….

Our chairs come fully assembled and already fully boxed from our manufacturer. We start by removing the EasyGo from the box and unfolding the power chair completely. All foldable parts of your EasyGo are checked to ensure they fold as expected. We check the backrest, the footplate and the anti-tipping wheels. And, the entire frame to ensure everything folds and unfolds as it should. 

The harness/strap/seatbelt is checked to make sure it can adjust, is installed properly, and securely fastens as all seatbelts should.

Next, we check the neutral feature. With the chair powered off, we unlock the brakes of the rear driving wheels and push the chair manually to ensure there are no issues with manual operation.

Battery and Hardware checks

We then move on to the battery and its charger. The battery comes installed so we remove it to ensure it can be removed as designed. We then slide the battery back in the chair and power on the chair. If the chair turns on, we know that the battery is installed properly. We then pull the battery out again and make sure the charger provided works. Once the charger is plugged into an outlet, we plug the charger into the back of the battery to ensure it charges. We then plug the charger into the charging port located under the joystick. This ensures both charging ports, the charger, the power chair, and the battery all work together and properly. 

 The armrests are checked to ensure the padding is attached securely. We adjust the arm rests to make sure they are working before adjusting them back to their original position. In addition, we also check to make sure all the hardware such as the bolts, screws and caps are secure.

Time to Test Drive!

Before the EasyGo power chair goes back in the box, we test drive it to make sure everything works. We ensure there are no issues with driving and operation. We also use this opportunity to ensure the joystick is properly connected. Our team checks all of the wiring to make sure is secure along the armrest and frame are safely out of the way. We drive the chair at all speeds available and test the turning, stopping, and reversing. Our team will look and listen for anything that could be loose. We listen and feel for any issues with the driving mechanisms. 

If your EasyGo power chair fails any part of our inspection, we put that chair aside. Then, we pull a fresh chair from our inventory to inspect and prepare for shipment. 

If your EasyGo power chair passes this inspection, we place it back in its box. Along with the owner’s manual, folding/unfolding instructions, any print outs, fliers, or marketing material and any accessories* ordered. We seal it with heavy duty packing tape and heavy-duty straps, attach a few “Fragile” labels and your packing slip to the box and it’s ready to go!

At EasyGo Mobility, we strive to provide affordable and dependable mobility solutions. Join thousands of happy riders today shop now

It’s on the Way!

Once your power chair is shipped, you can start tracking your order using the tracking number provided on your copy of your paid invoice.

EasyGo Mobility understands that getting a new power chair is not a cheap investment. We want to make sure you get your money’s worth and the product you purchase is received at the highest level of quality and performance we can provide.

Thank you for Choosing EasyGo Mobility. 

Accessories such as the EasyLoad Vehicle Wheels are installed during inspection. The Rear Joystick Holder is partially installed during inspection. The bar that holds the joystick is removed so the EasyGo can fit in the box and ship without the risk of any damages. As a result, it needs to be attached upon receipt of your EasyGo. If you order a Standard EasyGo with the Travel Case, your chair will be stored in the Travel Case and the case will be boxed and shipped to you. If you order a Spare Battery and/or Scratch Resistant Pad with your EasyGo, it will be placed in the same box with your EasyGo.

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