6 Wheelchair Charities You Need to Know

6 Wheelchair Charities You Need to Know

Mobility issues affect people all around the world. Affording a wheelchair can be a challenge and some are left unable to live their life due to a lack of mobility. There are many charitable organizations that provide wheelchairs to adults and kids in need. A few of the most common include The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Goodwill. 

Each of these well-known organizations are household names. And, they have been giving back to communities all over the world for over 100 years. They have provided financial and medical resources in times of great need. While they do not specialize in donating mobility equipment, they have helped get much-needed mobility aids to many. The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and Goodwill all continue to provide help to communities worldwide. 

Of course, these are not the only charities that can help with mobility equipment. Wheelchair charities are available worldwide to help offer wheelchairs and mobility aids to those in need. Here are some wheelchair charities worth looking into. 

1. The Wheelchair Foundation


The Wheelchair Foundation

The Wheelchair Foundation is an international charitable foundation that creates awareness of the needs of people who are disabled. And, they deliver wheelchairs to anyone in need who cannot afford one. People with mobility challenges exist in every country and in every condition imaginable. The Wheelchair Foundation tailors to the geographic differences and rough conditions of many developing countries. A $200.00 donation will help purchase a new wheelchair for a person in need. And, deliver it to them. Or, you can even sponsor a container of up to 280 wheelchairs that will be delivered to disabled individuals in a country in need. With many programs, partners, and many ways to get involved, The Wheelchair Foundation has continued to give mobility back to people worldwide.


2. American Wheelchair Mission

American Wheelchair Mission

American Wheelchair Mission is part of the Global Wheelchair Mission. Their mission is to provide and deliver new wheelchairs and mobility aids to all physically disabled people who are unable to acquire assistance with mobility or obtain a mobility aid. In addition, American Wheelchair Mission is heavily focused on providing mobility assistance to those affected in the Americas. Similar to The Wheelchair Foundation, American Wheelchair Mission delivers a new wheelchair to a recipient. 


3. TKEN – The Kids Equipment Network

The Kids Equipment Network

The Kids Equipment Network provides specially adaptive mobility equipment to children with mobility issues. Their team of volunteers includes physical and occupational therapists, professionals in assistive technology, and representatives from different manufacturers. Monthly clinics are held where kids are measured and fitted for adaptive mobility aids. These mobility aids will help get them back into the world to enjoy their childhoods. Not to mention, TKEN has changed the lives of over 3,000 kids by donating over 5,000 pieces of adaptive mobility equipment. Their website contains forms that can be filled out and submitted by anyone who needs access to adaptive mobility equipment for kids. In addition, TKEN partners with organizations such as Little Wins and MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) to help provide services nationwide.


4. Direct Relief

Direct Relief Logo

Direct Relief provides humanitarian and disaster relief and prevention services globally. Through an extensive network of partners and volunteers, they provide relief, support, and preparation services. As well as medical resources to people and communities impacted by natural disasters. Plus, they also help lesser developed countries and communities with access to a variety of health care and medicine. With focuses on rare diseases, maternal health, HIV and AIDS and pediatric health just to name a few areas. Recently, Direct Relief has provided aid to those impacted by the extreme weather in California and has provided aid to Ukraine. With the large amount of work Direct Relief has done throughout the world, they understand the need for mobility aids and understand that not many who need them can afford them. In addition, they have donated wheelchairs to kids and adults around the world. 

5. LifeNets


LifeNets Logo

LifeNets is an international organization that promotes the self-sufficiency and well-being of disadvantaged people worldwide. They were started in the late 90s after the founder provided support and relief to people impacted by the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl and saw a need for additional support and resources. From there, LifeNets has grown into an international organization that continues to give back and make a global difference. LifeNets runs a wheelchair program that has provided wheelchairs to many people in need. In addition, their program accepts monetary donations and accepts wheelchairs for donations. This program is meant to help find a wheelchair that best serves an individual’s purposes. Plus, through a network of volunteers, relief groups and churches, LifeNets continues to provide resources and support globally through various programs which also include scholarships and habitat rebuilding.


6. Wheelchairs for Warriors

Wheelchairs for Warriors

Wheelchairs for Warriors provides custom-fit mobility solutions to veterans and first responders in the United States. The dangers that come with being in the military and in law enforcement are no secret. Not to mention, military and law enforcement personnel can get injured often. And, some injuries can result in a loss of mobility. With the help of many generous donations, Wheelchairs for Warriors gives back to these warriors who have put their lives on the line to protect and serve our country and communities. Because of this organization, one recipient, Marco De La Rosa, was able to compete in the Paralympics. If you or someone you know is a disabled veteran or first responder, Wheelchairs for Warriors may be able to help.


Giving mobile independence back to those who struggle with or lost their mobility leads to positive change and the return of a healthy lifestyle. It is unfortunate when cost and accessibility drive a wedge between people and their mobility. Thankfully many people, both adults and children, around the world have benefited from a wheelchair obtained or donated from one of many charitable organizations. In addition, these organizations continue to thrive and give back to communities all over the world with various support systems and resources. And, it’s great to know there is hope for those that need mobility aids but cannot obtain or afford assistance so easily. As always, thank you for reading and for choosing EasyGo Mobility.


What are the Best States to Retire In? Top 6

What are the Best States to Retire In? Top 6

Retirement brings up a lot of questions. One of the biggest is no surprise; what is the best state to retire in? Typical states such as Texas, California, and Florida are popular due to the warmer climates. In addition to states with warmer climates, retirees also consider access to good healthcare, quality of life and cost of living when choosing where to retire. But, it can be hard to decide which state you should retire in. That’s exactly why we put together a list of the best states to retire in, so keep reading!

1. Florida

The Sunshine State sits at the top of this list, for good reasons. Florida lives up to its “Sunshine State” nickname and is also a hot spot for retirees due to the low cost of living, tax breaks, beaches, retirement communities and healthcare. Since Florida has become one of the top retirement locations, it offers a large selection of retirement communities where retirees can live peacefully among their own demographic and enjoy time with others. Explore some retirement community options in Florida and across the U.S. by reading our Top 12 Retirement Communities in the United States blog. 

Luckily, Florida does not have state income tax and does not tax Social Security benefits or your retirement income. Property taxes are said to be reasonable and there are also no taxes on estates or inheritances. Despite the rainy season that brings intense storms, the weather in Florida makes it easy to enjoy an active lifestyle and social life. Florida averages 230 days of sunshine annually. The subtropical climate makes winters mild, meaning retirees can enjoy being outdoors and at the beach all year round!

Dealing with extreme storms, extreme heat and humidity and insects and wildlife (large cats, various species of reptiles, etc.) seem to be the most common cons of retiring in Florida.

Best States to Retire IN - Florida

2. California

When it comes to warm weather, beaches, and sunshine for retirement, California is another option that tops the list. Similar to Florida, California averages over 200 days of sunshine annually. This makes the climate ideal to be outdoors and enjoy the beauty California has to offer. From national parks and vineyards to shopping, entertainment and ski resorts, California offers a way for any retiree to enjoy themselves. There is no shortage of entertainment with California being home to the world-famous Hollywood. Healthcare is also among the best in the nation and leads to a high quality of life among retirees. California is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Of course, with all its beauty, it’s no secret that living in California can be expensive. The average cost for a home in California is greater than the national average. While healthcare in California is among the best, it can also be expensive. The weather in California can sometimes be a problem as the hot and dry conditions can cause droughts that make areas more susceptible to wildfires. Depending on where you decide to live, traffic, population, and sometimes homelessness, are other common reported cons.

It is also a good idea to consider some of the wildlife that can pose an issue if you retire to California. Some animals such as foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and skunks can be a nuisance. Another thing to consider is certain areas of California are plagued with high crime rates, with crime only increasing in recent years. 

Considering the cons, California is still a top choice for retirement for those who enjoy warm weather, outdoor activities and entertainment and beaches.

California Retirement

3. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a very retirement-friendly state. Retirement income is also tax-exempt in Pennsylvania, which helps keep the cost of living low. Some folks could qualify for property tax rebates as property taxes can be a little high depending on where you decide to live. Despite the cold winters of Pennsylvania, it still offers plenty of things to do outdoors. There are plenty of rivers, forests, golf courses and parks, not to mention the Appalachian Mountains. Sports fans love Pennsylvania due to its major league baseball, football, and hockey teams. History buffs love the history throughout the state, especially Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and Congress Hall, the birthplace of the United States. Healthcare in Pennsylvania is among the best in the U.S. leading to a high quality of life among retirees. 

The few notable cons reported by retirees in Pennsylvania include cold winters with snowstorms and heavy traffic along with higher property taxes closer to larger cities and urban areas. Pennsylvania is one of the best states to retire in due to it having very few cons!

Retirement Living in Philadelphia

4. Colorado

Colorado is another hot spot for retirement. This state offers beautiful landscapes complete with mountain ranges to hike, lakes to relax by and sunsets to enjoy. In terms of taxes, Colorado offers one of the best tax breaks for senior citizens across the country, allowing retirees to exclude a certain amount of their retirement income from being taxed. Healthcare in Colorado is a high point for retirees. In recent years, Colorado was ranked within the top 10 states for American Health Care. Colorado has an abundance of retirement communities with some offering fitness centers, space for events and around-the-clock care. If you wish to stay away from the heavier populated areas and larger cities where the cost of living can be high, Colorado offers plenty of rural areas where you can retire and enjoy yourself and your time. 

The most notable cons of retiring to Colorado are the weather, the higher cost of living, and the wildlife. Colorado is cheaper to retire in than California, but it is still among the states with a higher cost of living when compared to the national average. If you are looking to retire to one of the mountain towns in Colorado, the cost of living is even higher. Retiring to Colorado is usually not a problem unless your budget is very tight. Colorado sees many sunny days, but it is also known for its high winds, heavy snow in some regions, damaging hail and wildfires.

Wildlife in Colorado can be a nuisance when dealing with certain rodents and smaller animals. However, Colorado is home to bears, venomous snakes, cougars, wolves, and moose, just to name a few. These larger animals can pose a danger to anyone that is not aware of what to do during an encounter. Make sure you educate yourself if you consider retiring to Colorado.

5. Delaware

Delaware is another retirement-friendly state that many don’t consider. It’s loaded with history, being the first official American state. It also offers beautiful beach towns and beaches where you can soak and have some fun in the sun. When it comes to taxes, Delaware is another tax-friendly state for retirees. Property taxes, depending on where you live, are lower when compared to other states. Some retirees can even qualify for additional tax breaks or exclusions. Pension and 401K are taxed on a federal level, however, there are no taxes on income from social security. Delaware has no sales tax so you can enjoy shopping without having to worry about paying taxes on your purchases.

Social life is another big part of retiring to Delaware. Delaware offers an exciting variety of activities, events and entertainment that will add much-needed fun to anyone’s nightlife. If you’re looking for a more relaxing nightlife, Delaware offers plenty of other options where you can enjoy wine and fine dining from many diverse and culturally rich restaurants. Some are even located right on the seashore. In terms of healthcare, Delaware was previously ranked high for the quality of their hospitals and healthcare overall.

Population, transportation, and crime are the most notable cons of retiring in Delaware. Considering its size, some areas of Delaware can be densely populated and lead to heavy traffic. With a larger population also come higher crime rates, with cities such as Wilmington reporting large numbers of violent crimes in the past. The crime rate is on its way down, but it is still important to note. Public transportation is limited therefore it is recommended that you have a vehicle as you will need it to get around. Even with these cons considered, Delaware remains a retirement-friendly state that many retirees are proud to call home.

Retirement in Delaware

6. Texas

Texas is found on many different lists of the best states to retire in. The Lone Star state is known as one of the friendliest states and one of the most culturally diverse states in the United States. Healthcare in Texas is among the best in the nation with many hospitals in Texas being highly ranked nationally. Retirees can take advantage of certain tax exemptions and enjoy retirement without having to pay state income tax since there is no tax on retirement income and social security.

Depending on where you want to live, Texas has many options whether you are looking for a rural or an urban setting. Regardless of where you choose to live, the warm weather allows you to have an active outdoor and social life. You can even travel to a beach on the gulf or across the border and enjoy some time in Mexico. When compared to other states, the cost of living in Texas is considerably less than the national average, which is a big deal for those on a fixed income. 

Of course, retiring in Texas has its cons. As previously mentioned, the weather can be quite warm, which many enjoy. With that said, Texas is no stranger to extreme weather and averages approximately 140 tornadoes annually. The weather has been called unpredictable with drastic changes which can happen within minutes. Residents of Texas advise newcomers to be aware of the severe thunderstorms, hail and even hurricanes that come off the gulf. On the other hand, the Texas climate is well-known for droughts as well. 

Texas property taxes are among some of the highest in the nation. Taking this into consideration makes it clear why Texas offers a low cost of living and tax exemptions. Traffic is another reported con with heavy congestion in and around major cities, especially the capital. All things considered, Texas remains a retirement-friendly state and a popular choice among retirees.

Retiring in Texas

Retiring with EasyGo

EasyGo Mobility understands that mobility can start to become a challenge as you head further into your retirement years. Many retirees rely on EasyGo for their mobility needs. EasyGo power chairs provide convenient, portable and reliable mobility in a patented lightweight and foldable design. They are joystick operated and lightweight enough to be loaded in the trunk of your car without a lift.

EasyGo power chairs fold and unfold in under 30 seconds without disassembling, allowing the rider to be on their way in no time. The lithium-ion battery allows the chair to drive up to 15 miles making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It can fit through standard door frames and folds convenient to the approximate size of a small suitcase and is TSA and FAA-approved making it a perfect mobility aid for travelling. Call EasyGo Mobility today and find out why so many retirees choose to retire with EasyGo.

Elite Folding Power Chair

Final Words

As you can see, there are a number of fantastic states to retire in. Affordable cost of living, decent weather and climate, accessibility to good healthcare and overall, good quality of life are something every retiree wants and deserves. Retirement should be spent living happily and enjoying yourself and your surroundings. You deserve to live somewhere that is right for you and makes you happy for the rest of your days. Hopefully, this article will help narrow down your list of states to retire in. We hope you find the best place for you and we wish you a happy retirement. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

7 Best Things to Do When You’re Retired

7 Best Things to Do When You’re Retired

When it finally comes time to retire, you want to be able to do as much as you can with all the time you have now. Many retirees already have a plan laid out for retirement. Others may want to play things by it by year and go with the flow. Regardless, at some point, you may find yourself asking “what should I do today?”. Here at EasyGo, we speak with a lot of retirees who spend their days doing a large variety of activities. Using customer feedback and some research, we put together a list of some of the best things to do when you’re retired.

1. Gardening and Landscaping

One of the best things to do when you’re retired is gardening. Gardening is a popular activity and a very fulfilling one as well. Many people spend years keeping a garden well-tended. And, the results can be beautiful. Spend some time planting some flowers in your flower garden or laying down fresh mulch to make your garden really pop. Plant some bushes and trees and other fun plants to add personality and your own touch to your garden. You can also spend time growing your own food! Plant fresh fruits and vegetables and reap the benefits of your work in a beautiful, nutritious, and truly fresh garden to table meals and snacks. Lay down some bricks to create a border or lay down some stones to create a path. With all the time you will have to dedicate to outdoor work and tending to your garden during your retirement, your lawn, garden, and landscaping will stand out among the others. 

Best Things to Do When You're Retired - Gardening

2. Home Improvement

Are there any indoor or outdoor home improvement projects you’d like to deal with? Now would be a great time! Depending on their state of health and fitness, many retirees like to work on their homes while retired. Replace any leaky or broken gutters, replace the siding on your home to give it a new face or maybe you want to add a porch or a deck! Renovating a home or a room is also common during retirement. You and your spouse can work together in your dream bathroom or kitchen and make your home your dream home. Working on home improvements and projects truly does improve your home and gives you a place to enjoy retirement.

3. Spend Time with Family and Friends

Retirement is an excellent opportunity to spend more time with family and friends. Spending more time with your friends, kids and grandkids and other family members is beneficial for both you and them socially, mentally, and emotionally. Meet up with your friends for breakfast before spending the day on a spontaneous adventure. You’ll have more time to be able to plan family trips such as a road trip to Disney or summer camp. If you combine the first 3 subjects of this list, you get the perfect retirement trifecta. Become the home base for all the holidays and events in your dream home and create some of the best memories with friends and family. 

4. Travel

Travelling is one of the most popular things to do when you’re retired. Whether with friends or family, you will have more opportunities to explore all sorts of locations, depending on how far you are willing to go. Take a tropical vacation cruise in Hawaii or the Caribbean or explore the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, Machu Picchu or Yellowstone National Park. Check out our blog article 10 Travel Destinations for Retirees to learn more about some fun and exciting travel destinations.

If mobility has become a challenge for you and you would like to travel during retirement, look no further than EasyGo Mobility. EasyGo uses patented folding technology and a lightweight sleek frame, making it an ideal travel companion and can fly with you since it is FAA and TSA-approved. Both models of EasyGo Power Chair fold and unfold in under 30 seconds and require no disassembly to transport. This makes EasyGo safe to take on a plane, or cruise, and can even fit into the back of your car! EasyGo can easily go with you anywhere you need to go and will give you the mobile independence you need to get the most out of your travels.

5. Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is a wonderful way to dedicate your time during retirement. You can volunteer at your church, American Red Cross, or local library among many other places. Volunteer work is a great way to give back to your community and be more involved in creating nurturing and loving environments for many in your community. Take part in bake sales and candy sales for fundraisers, help out at holiday events and help keep the neighborhood clean and safe for everyone. Volunteer work can be very fulfilling and can have a big impact on communities and inspire people to do the same. 

6. Finish Something you Started or Hobbies

Is there a project that you started but never finished? Retirement may be the best time to get back on it. Finish restoring that classic car in your garage or painting the interior of your home. Maybe you want to start something new like building something or restoring an antique piece of furniture. Get back into hunting and fishing or dust off the guitar and play your favorite tune again. Try your hand at painting using the many techniques available to anyone willing to learn and create your own world on a canvas. Getting back into your hobbies or finding something new to enjoy is another fun and fulfilling way to spend your retirement.

7. Relax!

Reading is always a pleasant way to spend your time. It is beneficial to your health and is also fun and very educational in many ways. Get lost in your favorite fantasy worlds or dive into the suspense of crime thrillers. Reading has inspired many to take up writing, which is also a great way to spend time during retirement. Maybe you already have a piece you are working on that you now have time to finish. Catching up on your favorite forms of entertainment is also a fun way to spend time during retirement. Catch up on your favorite shows or start new shows you’ve been wanting to watch. Same with films! Go back and watch those films you’ve been meaning to watch or take some time to step back into some familiar favorites from the past. Taking it easy and enjoying some of your favorite forms of entertainment is something every retiree should do and can be enjoyed by oneself or with others.


This concludes our list of the 7 best things to do when you’re retired. Now that you have a few options to consider, take some time to decide what you want to do with your time. Relax at home with family and enjoy hobbies, go on adventures, spend time helping others, or finish a project. What to do with the time you have now is completely up to you! Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

15 Common Questions About Buying a Wheelchair

15 Common Questions About Buying a Wheelchair

When on your quest to find the perfect mobility aid, there will not be a shortage of questions. This is because buying a wheelchair can be a big investment. And, you’ll want to know everything you can before making any decisions. You will find yourself asking more questions than you thought you had! We have summarized some of the most important and most asked questions about buying a wheelchair. 


What Are You Looking For in a Wheelchair? 

With so many different wheelchairs available, your decision can sometimes come down to the smaller details. Are you looking for something portable? Do you want a headrest? Do you need something lightweight? Some wheelchairs may provide everything you need but are too big and heavy to transport, while others are easier to transport but don’t hold enough weight. It’s good to do your research and compare as much as you can. This can help you figure out what you want in a wheelchair.   

What’s Your Price Range?

Cost is often the most important factor when buying a wheelchair. Some people can get a wheelchair through their insurance providers but some cannot. The wheelchair you want may be out of the insurance provider’s scope of coverage or not fully covered by insurance. Price should always be considered when making such a big investment as you want to make sure what you get is worth the money. Be on the lookout for sales and specials, especially around holidays. 

What if You Don’t Like Your Wheelchair?

Many people have been in this situation. You spend time researching and shopping around to find the right one only to get it and realize it’s not what it seemed, or you just don’t like it. Finding out the wheelchair you purchased isn’t right for you can be very frustrating. Luckily, most wheelchair companies offer a flexible return policy. There may be fees associated so make sure you read any company’s full return policy before committing to any purchases. 

Best Selling Wheelchair


Where Can You Get a Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are available through multiple sources. You can get a wheelchair through an online wheelchair retailer, other online retailers such as Amazon, mobility aid stores and showrooms, second-hand stores and in some cases, through your medical insurance. Please check out our blog article titled “Where can you buy a wheelchair?” to learn more.

Where is it Made?

This is a very common question. Like most products offered in the U.S., most mobility aids are manufactured overseas. Many of these manufacturers are based in China and other surrounding Asian countries and territories. The fact of the matter is the U.S. does not have many mobility aid manufacturers and many materials needed to make such products would need to be imported. 

Where is it Shipped From?

This is another common question asked, as customers always want to know how fast they can get their wheelchair. These items are usually shipped from within the U.S. and can be received in as little as 3-5 business days. Here at EasyGo Mobility, we offer free shipping from within the U.S. and customers usually receive their chairs within 3-5 business days via UPS Ground. 

Where Can You Get it Serviced?

It is recommended that you contact the wheelchair or mobility company to report any issues with your mobility aid. If under warranty, you may be able to get your chair serviced or replaced at no additional cost. If you need any services or repairs done on your mobility aid, the company will usually request to service the product themselves, which can sometimes involve shipping it back. Some companies work with local repair technicians that are assigned to service wheelchairs in their local areas. Other companies that do not have field technicians to service mobility aids do their best to work with any local repair technicians per the customer’s request. This includes sending parts and providing guidance and support to technicians for servicing and repairs.

Buying a Wheelchair


When Do I know it is Time For a Wheelchair?

Mobility aids are needed whenever mobility starts to become an issue for you. Certain life-changing diseases and injuries such as MS, cancer, amputation, stroke, and spinal injuries can cause a loss of mobility. Some people need mobility aids for a short time while they recover while others rely on them to get around daily. If you feel you may need a mobility aid due to an illness or injury, speak with your doctor as they may be able to recommend an option that will work best for your lifestyle. If your mobility is impeding daily life and enjoyment, then it may be time to think about buying a wheelchair.

When Can I Get One? 

As previously mentioned, how soon you can receive your wheelchair or mobility aid can depend on where the company is located and who they use as a shipping carrier. While most companies located in the U.S. have their stock housed here allowing them to offer shorter wait times for shipping, other companies may not have that option. Some companies may be located within the U.S. but ship from out of the country and shipping could take up to a few weeks. Make sure you clarify the shipping details and timeframes with the company you purchase from before committing to any purchases. 


Who Should You Speak To?

You can call any wheelchair company to find out everything you need to know. There is usually a phone number on their website that takes you to a live person. Customer service is usually great and they will usually have a pleasant talk with someone who has the right answers. Depending on the company, they may offer wheelchairs in your local area allowing you to speak with someone in person.

Planning for Retirement


How Can I Get the Process Started?

Getting the process started is simple. You should know what you are looking for in a wheelchair and use this knowledge to research different models of wheelchairs from different companies. Once you have found a company you would like to work with that offers what you need, reach out to them via phone call or email. Sometimes, these companies will also offer a live chat where you can chat with a live person on their website.

How Can I Pay?

Buying a wheelchair can depend on the company you choose to buy from. This can cause your payment options to vary slightly. Just about all wheelchair and mobility aid retailers accept most major credit cards, debit cards and payments made via E-cheque/electronic payment/ACH payment. Financing can also be available and allows you to make your purchase and split your payment into monthly installments. Please be aware that if approved for financing, the lender may not cover the product’s full price. This can mean that you will have to pay the difference. Some wheelchair retailers will work with your insurance to provide a mobility aid. Wheelchair retailers sometimes offer insurance reimbursement that allows you to purchase a mobility aid and get reimbursed for the purchase by your insurance.

With that said, if you would like a mobility aid covered by your insurance or Medicare, you would have to speak with your doctor and file a claim with your insurance. Most insurance and Medicare providers have their providers which they utilize to provide products and services to their members at little to no cost. Please reach out to your doctor or insurance agent for further questions regarding insurance payments and coverage for mobility aids.

How Do You Know if You Have The Right Wheelchair For You?

You would know right away if you chose the right wheelchair for yourself. At the end of the day, buying a wheelchair comes down to personal preference. What may work for one person may not work for another. You should be comfortable in your wheelchair without making any modifications. You should also be able to operate your wheelchair with as little hassle as possible. Maneuvering should be hassle-free. If you purchased a portable foldable wheelchair, you should be able to fold it, unfold it, and travel with ease. As previously mentioned, if you are not satisfied with any product you purchase, reach out to the company to see what they can do for you. Buying a wheelchair should be enjoyable.


Why is The Brand Important?

The brand is important as it involves more than just the product being purchased. When you make a purchase, you are also purchasing the service and support for that product. You should be able to trust that the company stands behind their products and will offer guidance and support. Even after the purchase. In the past, customers have been taken advantage of by companies who don’t offer support after the sale. The mobility aid could suddenly break or malfunction requiring repair or replacement of parts from the manufacturer. What if that company or manufacturer decides they can’t help you or cannot be reached? It is recommended to research the company to ensure they will stand by their product and support you.

Why Choose EasyGo Mobility?

EasyGo Mobility has become a trusted name in the U.S. We have a clear and simple goal of offering affordable quality portable powered mobility. Our office and warehouse where we store and ship our stock are located in Tonawanda, NY. EasyGo Mobility offers a 30-day return policy along with a 3-year warranty. We offer 2 models of powered wheelchairs, and you can receive your order in 3-5 business days with free shipping. EasyGo offers foldable portable mobility that folds small enough to fit in your trunk and light enough to lift manually. They support up to 264 lbs. and fold in under 30 seconds. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and E-Cheque/ACH payments and offer to finance. To get started, simply call us at 1-833-709-3499 or visit www.easygomobility.com and chat with us. We can also be reached by email at cs@easygomobility.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope some of these questions and answers help you with buying a wheelchair. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility.

Where Can You Buy a Wheelchair?

Where Can You Buy a Wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are one of the most reliable and popular mobility aids available. Now, have you ever thought about where you could buy one if you need to? Luckily, you won’t have to go far or go through many hoops to get the right one you need, whether it’s for you or a loved one. Below is a list of where you can buy a wheelchair. 

Online Retailers

Online retailers that do not have physical store locations are the best options if you are buying online. Buying a wheelchair online, from retailers such as EasyGo Mobility, are generally less expensive to purchase from since there are no overhead costs associated with operating their business. These types of companies do not have showrooms to upkeep, generally keep stock in a warehouse connected to their offices, and only need minimal staff to run efficiently. In fact, some online retailers are said to offer the highest level of customer service to their customers before and after any purchases are made. 

There are plenty of reputable online mobility aid retailers so be sure to do your research. Some mobility aids offered online can also be found at various mobility dealers and showrooms nationwide, but buyers beware. You could end up paying more than you would online since the mobility aid dealer needs to collect a profit from the sale as well. You also may end up purchasing a used or discontinued item that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Some online retailers also offer financing to make the wheelchairs they sell more affordable by splitting the full cost into monthly payments.

Best Selling Wheelchair


These days, it seems like you can get anything and everything you need on Amazon. Amazon does offer a large variety of wheelchairs and other mobility aids from many different brands. While Amazon has become one of the most trusted names in online retail, you should have caution when shopping for mobility aids on Amazon and related sites. You don’t always know what you are getting. Some items may be cheap knockoffs of other popular brands. While others are nothing like what was advertised. Amazon customers also report that items are bigger or smaller than advertised. Sometimes, there is no clear and easy way to contact the seller to resolve this. This can cause these types of retailers to be not as trustworthy.

If you decide to shop on Amazon, make sure you are purchasing from a reputable brand or do your research on who is selling the item. You could also run into issues with shipping and receiving. Many sellers on Amazon are selling items from different countries and this can affect how long you wait for your purchase. Your purchase may have to go through Customs and Border Control and could take additional time to get to you. The more time your item is in transit, the more it is at risk of arriving to you damaged. This should also be considered when you are buying on Amazon. Try to find a seller who is in the U.S. and uses a trustworthy carrier to deliver your order.

Showrooms and Mobility Aid Stores

Showrooms and mobility aid retail stores are among the most popular spots to buy a wheelchair and other mobility aids. They usually have a large selection of different wheelchairs and mobility aids. They usually offer multiple brands and options that you can test out. Since purchasing a wheelchair is an investment, showrooms and stores offer a great opportunity to try out different wheelchairs and find the one that is best for you. You could end up leaving with the perfect wheelchair for you.

As mentioned previously, showrooms and mobility aid stores that carry products from other brands usually charge more. The reason for this is that the profit made on the wheelchair sale needs to be split among multiple parties. Profits are usually split between the mobility company that provided the chair to the store and the dealer who works for the showroom/store that sells the wheelchair. In addition, the sales rep could also be collecting a commission on the sale which can also drive up the price you end up paying. They could also upsell you an extended warranty to try and drive the price higher. These types of retailers also sell used and working older models of wheelchairs and mobility aids at low prices. However, used and older models of wheelchairs may not be covered under any warranties. They may be discontinued by the manufacturer and no longer supported or in some instances, the company or manufacturer has gone out of business, and no one can be reached. Showrooms and mobility aid stores are still great options and reputable sources for wheelchairs and mobility aids.

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Buying a wheelchair from a secondhand source is not without its pros and cons. Wheelchairs that are sold second-hand at thrift or second-hand shops, garage or yard sales and showrooms and mobility aid stores as previously mentioned. You may even get one from a friend, family member or coworker who has one that they no longer need. Sometimes, you may be able to find a working used wheelchair priced far cheaper than a new one. You can’t beat a great deal! If the wheelchair is made by a reputable company that is still in business, you may even be able to reach them for support. Most companies will still assist with questions about operating and getting new parts such as wheels and batteries. 

In some instances, when buying a wheelchair secondhand, you must consider that there are no guarantees. What you purchase may not continue to work as long as you need it to. The battery life may be nearing its end. And, if the manufacturer is no longer in business, you may not be able to get the right battery replacement. In addition, replacing wheelchair batteries is expensive. You also should consider that a used wheelchair may not work right. It could have damages caused by wear and tear and may be out of the scope of the warranty. Speaking of warranties, used wheelchairs usually don’t have one, because in most cases they have expired or are non-transferable.


Medical insurance is trusted by millions to assist with the purchase of a wheelchair. Your medical insurance has direct communication with your doctor about your health and medical needs. This line of communication provides an efficient way for your PCP to advise your insurance on what you need. This helps your insurance decide which wheelchairs and mobility aids to offer. When insurance agrees to provide you with a wheelchair, they will either cover a portion of or the full cost of the wheelchair. Since your doctor provides details on the functionality you need in a wheelchair, insurance will offer you wheelchairs and mobility aids that will best fit your needs. 

Sometimes, the wheelchair or mobility aid you want may not get coverage by your insurance company. Depending on the wheelchair, your insurance may choose to deny the request. Or, only pay a small amount. This usually results in the customer paying for most of the chair. Insurance does not usually cover wheelchairs that are easily portable, foldable, and lightweight as they do not always offer everything the customer needs based on guidance from their doctor. However, certain companies, including online retailers, will work with your insurance on covering as much of the cost as possible. 

With all this considered, it is no wonder why so many people rely on their medical insurance for help with buying wheelchairs and mobility aids.

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We hope the options we provided help you in your journey to find the perfect wheelchair for you. Wheelchairs can be a big investment and knowing where to buy them is key to getting the right one. Be sure to take all pros and cons into consideration and do as much research as needed to figure out which route you want to take. Also, take as much time as needed and do not let pesky sales reps rush you into a decision you could end up regretting. If you liked what you saw on our website, www.easygomobility.com, feel free to call 1-833-709-3499 to learn more. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility!

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