Now that you are retired and have some more time on your hands, what would you like to do? Maybe you want to restore that classic car sitting in the garage. Maybe you want to dedicate some time to your garden. Is there a book you’ve been wanting to read? For a lot of retirees, travelling is at the top of their list of things to do during retirement. And who can blame them?

With so many amazing travel destinations to visit and explore, it is easy to see why retirees are so eager to get out in the world and make memories in locations they have only ever dreamed of visiting. We put together a list featuring 10 of the best travel destinations for retirees. 

1. Caribbean

Tropical islands are some of the most visited travel locations in the world. In The Caribbean, there are abundant beaches where you can relax in the sun, soak in the ocean, and enjoy a cold beverage. The Caribbean includes a collection of U.S. and British Virgins Islands, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Aruba, Barbados, Cayman Islands, and Turks and Caicos Islands along with other islands that are territories of other countries. Each island offers its own unique experience, local cuisine, and plenty of history to take in and learn in a memorable cultural experience.

Travel between islands by boat and stay at one of the many resorts throughout. Some even offer bungalows right on the water. Get the most out of your travel experience with activities such as day cruises, nature and wildlife tours, day trips and snorkelling. Usually, the winter months are the best time to visit the Caribbean since it is outside of hurricane season. This explains why the Caribbean is such a popular destination for vacation and travelling. Let’s get to the next gorgeous tropical destination on our list.

Travel Destinations for Retirees

2. Hawaiian Islands

Another popular tropical travel destination is the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaiian Islands consist of the Island of Hawaii, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui, and Lanai. Beaches, swimming, hiking, snorkelling and scuba diving, shopping, nature, and romance are just a few things that Hawaii offers. 

The main Island of Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is also the youngest. It is home to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The park is home to Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Maunaloa is the largest active subaerial volcano in the world! Plus, it is also the oldest and northernmost island of the chain. It offers some of the most dramatically beautiful sceneries that include cascading waterfalls, tropical rainforests, forked rivers, mountains, and cliffs.

 Maui, also known as the “Valley Isle”, has been voted the Best Island in the U.S. for over 20 years. It offers beautiful world-famous beaches with humpback whales being sighted during their migration in the winter months. Plus, it also offers picture-perfect views of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. It’s no secret why Hawaii is such a hot spot for vacations and travelling.

3. Alaska

What if you want a break from the warm weather but would still like to experience some of the most beautiful natural landscapes? Look no further than Alaska. Alaska is known for its subarctic climate which causes long, cold winters and short, cool summers, where snow is also possible regardless of the time of year. Plus, Alaska offers vast wilderness for hiking, hunting, and exploring. It also offers thousands of rivers and over 3,000 lakes for kayaking and fishing. In addition, Alaska is also known for having the largest number, over 3 million, of naturally formed unnamed lakes. 

Alaska’s scenery offers snowcapped mountains, valleys, hot springs, glaciers, and the world-famous Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights. This is caused when charged particles collide with gases located 60-70 miles above the earth’s surface which creates energy in the form of light. The colors commonly display in yellow and green. But, the Northern Lights can also produce purple, red and blue patterns of light. Keep in mind that the Aurora Borealis is best visible between August and April.

4. Prince Edward Island

Speaking of Canada, sitting on the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Eastern Canada, you will find Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward Island was made famous by Canadian author and town local L.M. Montgomery in her 1908 classic children’s novel “Anne of Green Gables”. The novel told the story of a young orphan girl who was mistakenly sent to live in the fictional Prince Edward Island town of Avonlea. Since its publication, the book has sold over 50 million copies. As a result, this makes it a worldwide best-seller and has brought many to the land that inspired Montgomery’s vision for her novel. 

Offering beautiful coastal drives on seemingly endless beaches and shores, Prince Edward Island is truly a gem. Visit some of the most iconic lighthouses after enjoying a nice hike on a nature trail at one of the many provincial and national parks. For the fisherman out there, Prince Edward Island offers plenty of deep sea and sport fishing. Boating and sailing are also available for those who just want to kick back on the water. Don’t miss out on the many other attractions available such as art galleries, amusement parks and gardens. Take in some history at one of the many museums and historic sites. 


5. Florida

Florida remains one of the best travel destinations in the world. The Sunshine State is located in the southeast corner of the United States. From couples looking for a relaxing escape on the Florida Keys or the Gulf Coast to families looking for thrills and adventure at Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, or Lego Land parks. Be sure to visit Naples, Pensacola, or the Mall at Millenia in Orlando for fun shopping experiences. With the majority of Florida surrounded by water, you will find no shortage of beaches, resorts, fishing, sailing and water sports.  

With Florida being right on the ocean and the gulf, it’s no surprise that it offers a large variety of some of the freshest and highest quality seafood available. You can enjoy it at the countless ocean-side restaurants with locations throughout the coast. On top of all there is to do, Florida truly lives up to its title of the Sunshine State. Even considering hurricane season, Florida offers some of the best weather year-round. With an average of 237 days of sunny and pleasant and warm weather.

Considering everything Florida has to offer, it makes sense why it remains one of the top travel destinations nationwide and worldwide. Next on our list is also located in the U.S. and is the world’s first national park.

6. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is truly a site to behold. It was established as the World’s First National Park in 1872. It is located mostly in Wyoming, with portions of the park spreading into parts of Montana and Idaho. The park sees an average of over 4 million visitors every year. It’s no surprise when you learn what amazing wonders at Yellowstone National Park. For campers, Yellowstone offers over 2,000 campgrounds with options for cabin, tent, and RV camping, with very few sites offering electrical hookups. 

Don’t forget about the nearly 500 geysers throughout the park. Including the famous Old Faithful. This iconic geyser is very predictable and erupts approximately every 44 minutes to 2 hours shooting up to 8,400 gallons of boiling water up to 185 feet in the air. While exploring you will want to stop to see the extraordinary Yellowstone Caldera aka Yellowstone Super Volcano. The Caldera spans most of Yellowstone with an abnormal cylindrical river at the opening. The river runs down a narrow passage into the opening of the super volcano.

Volcanic conditions cause the Caldera opening and river to appear in rings of different colors. Starting with red and orange and transitioning to yellow and green. Finally, it ends with shades of blue towards the center. The Yellowstone Caldera is unlikely to erupt any time soon outside of the occasional hydrothermal explosions, which is an eruption of steam and hot water. This makes it a popular tourist attraction accessible by car, bus, or by hike.

7. Machu Picchu

Tucked high in the Peruvian Andes above the Urubamba River Valley in Peru, you will find the ancient and mysterious Incan Citadel known as Machu Picchu. Located over 7,000 feet above sea level, Machu Picchu is the most visited destination for tourists in Peru. Machu Picchu, often referred to as the “Lost City of the Incas”, was built during the 1500s. It was built using polished dry stone and is believed to have been built for the Incan Emperor Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui.

Considering its location, hiking is one of the first activities you can enjoy during a visit to Machu Picchu. Some hikes may be a bit steep and tricky. But, hiking Huchuy Picchu and Huayna Picchu is well worth it when you reach the top. You can also explore the Incan ruins and meet some friendly llamas.

Take some time to visit the Guardian’s House, which is said to have an iconic viewpoint of Machu Picchu. Enter the Inca Citadel using the former main entrance known as The Sun Gate and enjoy the breathtaking views. You will find plenty of other beautiful structures to behold such as the Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, The Inca Bridge, The Sacred Rock, and Intihuatana, which was used as a sundial by the Incans and is one of the most popular places in all Peru. With so much beauty and history to explore in Machu Picchu, it truly makes it on our list of the top travel destinations for retirees.

8. Mexico

The next stop on our list is none other than Mexico. Mexico offers beauty, culture, history, relaxation, and adventure while being one of the most budget-friendly travel destinations. Most travellers on average spend about $100.00 or less per day while on vacation in Mexico, not including accommodations, which can also be very affordable as well. Cities such as Tulum, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel and Puerta Vallarta offer resorts with access to gorgeous beaches, golf, diving, and snorkelling. If you are a fan of scuba diving, be sure to check out the Underwater Museum in Cancun.

Plan your trip around the start of November and join in on the Day of the Dead celebrations. Visit the sacred Chichen Itza in Yucatan and discover the history behind the Mayan civilization. Catch a Lucha Libre event and enjoy some Mariachi music in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City. Explore Mexico’s largest rainforest, the Lacandon Jungle in Chiapas, and find beautiful waterfalls and ancient Mayan ruins.

In fact, Mexico has approximately 200 ruins belonging to the Mayans, Aztecs, Zapotec, and other civilizations that lived in Mexico. You can find ruins to explore in Tulum, Palenque, Monte Alban, Coba, Calakmul and Yaxchilan, just to name a few. With all it has to offer, Mexico is one of the best travel destinations in the world. For our next destination, we are flying over the Atlantic.

9. Italy

Beauty, romance, art, architecture, and cuisine are just a few offerings you will find in stunning Italy. Enjoy a romantic private gondola ride down the Grand Canal in Venice. Go on a wine-tasting tour in the Piedmont region, Verona, and Tuscany. In Tuscany, you can also visit the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa in the city of Pisa and see the breathtaking countryside views in Chianti. Visit the Ruins of Pompeii, the Italian city that was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius when it erupted in 79 A.D. A visit to Italy is not complete without a stop in the capital, Rome.

Take in the beautiful architecture and history of the Colosseum, The Pantheon, The Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Rome is also home to Vatican City. The Vatican is home to St. Peter’s Basilica, the world’s largest basilica for Christianity, and the world-famous Sistine Chapel, which features the iconic painted ceiling painted by Michelangelo during the Renaissance. Southeast of Rome, you will find Castel Gandolfo, which is considered to have one of Italy’s most scenic towns.

How can a trip to Italy be fully enjoyed without a taste of their world-famous cuisine? Aside from the obvious pizza, Italy is also known for its fresh artisan bread, pasta, risotto, wine, cheese, seafood, gelato, coffee, and cured meats such as prosciutto. We can’t forget about Ragu Alla Bolognese, commonly known as Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s even Italy’s national dish. Italy also offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Cities such as Liguria, Calabria, Tuscany, and Sardinia offer gorgeous beaches with beautiful views. You will also find beaches to enjoy in Sicily, which is also home to Mount Edna, Europe’s highest active volcano. Italy remains one of the top travel and vacation destinations in the world and it’s no secret why.

10. Cruises

Lastly, one of the absolute best ways to travel and spend a vacation is on a cruise. A cruise offers literally a little bit of everything for everyone, no matter what you are looking for. In fact, you may be able to book a cruise tailored specifically to what you are looking for. With so many decently priced options to choose from and so many destinations to pick from, the possibilities can seem endless.

Most cruise packages are all-inclusive meaning everything is included and paid for giving you full access to all you can eat, all you can drink and all you can enjoy while on the cruise. Royal Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise lines and it offers visits to over 300 destinations. Royal Caribbean sails through the Caribbean and The Bahamas, Europe, Alaska, North America, Asia, the South Pacific and specialty cruises along the Panama Canal, South America, and North Africa and the Arabian Gulf. Viking also offers Christmas Market River Cruises throughout Europe and in some Southern U.S. States. If you are looking for a family cruise, Royal Caribbean again is a good option Disney also has its own cruise line offering the chance for your whole family to enjoy a vacation with some of your favorite Disney characters.

Princess Cruises is also a very big name in cruise lines, offering cruises worldwide that stop in over 50 destinations. You can even find music-themed cruises such as blues, jazz, country, and rock cruises that combine the experience of a cruise with the experience of a concert and music festival all while stopping to perform at different ports. Cruises are offered all over the world so it will not be hard to find the perfect cruise for you. If you want to see as much as possible, a cruise may be the best option.

Retirement Cruise

How EasyGo Can Help you Travel

This list offers many of fantastic and iconic travel destinations for retirees to visit. The world is full of travel destinations perfect for retirees. And, EasyGo can make your travelling easier. With our patented folding technology and lightweight sleek frame, it is an ideal travel companion and can fly with you since it is FAA and TSA-approved.

This means that it’s safe to take on a plane, or cruise, and can even fit into the back of your car! EasyGo can go with you to any location on this list. And, will give you the mobile independence for you to get the most out of your vacation and travels. 

Final Words

The world is so big and has so much beauty, culture, history, food, wildlife, and experiences to offer. It’s no surprise why travelling the world is on almost everyone’s bucket list. With so many places to go and so much to see and learn, picking where to start is tricky but I’m sure wherever you choose to start will be well worth the trip. We hope this list will help you learn about, and hopefully choose from, some of the best places in the world to travel. Thank you for choosing EasyGo Mobility and we wish you safe travels wherever your journey leads.

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