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About EasyGo Mobility

See what makes EasyGo Mobility better than the rest!

Truly Portable

EasyGo Power Chairs can fold in under 30 seconds to the size of a carry-on suit case.

Truly Affordable

We pride ourselves on providing affordable powered mobility to our clients. We offer best-in class prices for our products.

Best Customer Service

Unlike other online mobility retailers, our customer service does not stop after sale. Have any questions? Contact us!

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At EasyGo Mobility we have a clear and simple goal of offering affordable, high-quality, and portable powered mobility.

More than customer service

Client Focused

We have been in the medical supply industry collectively for over 20 years. We understand the life changing difference a loss in mobility can have on someone’s life. We recognized that there were no practical portable powered mobility aids available for them. Traditional scooters and powerchairs are great options but all struggle to find the right mix between the two.

For all the mobility scooters and power wheelchairs out there, none were truly portable. Instead, they were all big, heavy, and awkward to transport in most vehicles! As a result, we found that it would take a drastic change to their lifestyle and ours to accommodate a large electric wheelchair or mobility scooter.

The concept was simple, we wanted to create a power chair that can fold down, is light enough to lift, and can fit in the back of any vehicle without the use of a ramp. This would allow us to pick up our loved one for coffee and then head out for a walk without the hassle of trying to figure out how to transport their mobility aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get a better understanding of EasyGo Mobility products.

How do I fold/unfold my EasyGo Power Chair?

Folding and unfolding your EasyGo is done in a few easy and short steps. Click one of the following links to see how it’s done.

How heavy is the EasyGo Power Chair?

Depending on the model, EasyGo weighs between 45 and 50 lbs.

Why does the battery meter show red even when the battery is fully charged?

The battery meter shows the charge level of the battery by color; green, orange and red. If your meter shows all 3 colors, your battery is well charged. If the meter shows orange and red, you still have sufficient charge on your battery. If only red is showing on your meter, your battery is dying and needs to be charged as soon as possible. If you charge your battery and it is still showing only red, please call us for assistance.

Can I fly with my EasyGo Power Chair?

Yes. EasyGo Power Chairs are Airline approved. You can also utilize the Travel Case to safely store and travel with your EasyGo.

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